New Brunswick suddenly has 6 new cases after a Doctor lied about going to Quebec on personal business and not isolating afterwards

3 more Campbellton COVID-19 cases linked to doctor who didn’t self-isolate

Three more COVID-19 cases in northern New Brunswick have been linked to a doctor at a hospital who contracted the coronavirus outside the province and didn’t self-isolate when he returned.


That brings the total cluster of cases in the Campbellton region to six, the chief medical officer of health announced Thursday.


A second health-care worker is among the new cases, said Dr. Jennifer Russell. The new cases include a person under 19, someone in their 40s and someone over 90.


Based on contact tracing, she expects to see more cases emerge in the days ahead, she said. The incubation period of the virus is about 14 days.


“The outbreak … is upsetting to everyone, including me,” she said, describing it as “completely preventable.”

Until last week, New Brunswick had no active cases of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. All 120 people infected since the pandemic began in March had recovered.


[…] Neither Higgs nor Russell would say whether the person was a doctor or in some other health profession, but CBC News has confirmed the individual is a male doctor.


[…] At least 150 people were exposed to the infected doctor, including 50 health-care workers at the Campbellton Regional Hospital and 100 people in the community, according to the head of the Vitalité Health Network.

We have reason to believe that this is the doctor in question:

As people who he has been in contact with are getting calls advising them to get tested. But his name is being suppressed for some reason.


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  1. The extent to which the identity of the doctor is being suppressed by “official media” is very telling: (1) Coulter’s Law and (2) the extent to which this “media” are really all propagandists marching in lockstep.

    Local rumour has it that this is, indeed, the guy.

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