Ezra wins the Tweet of the day

More from the Director of the CDC. Only because people now try to claim “they never said it would block transmission, only that it would stop severe outcomes”. It doesn’t do that either. It may do the opposite.

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  1. If vaxxed people get sick, they carry the virus. Going back to the CDC as a source, well… I’m reminded of their first video showing how the vaxx works, only to delete their video because it was too scary for the critical-minded people.

    The Walensky gal is lying. I’m certain she saw that CDC video. If I saw it on their website, she saw it.

  2. The sheeple don’t seem to care.

    They see this stuff, the see the bad outcomes data out of Public Health Scotland, they get the bloody virus… and still, they believe what they’re told.

    The classic is “Good thing I had the vaccine, it would have been worse.”

    To which I always say: “How do you know that?”

    But it’s a waste of time, clearly.

  3. Trying to speak to these true Believers is a waste of time, they made their cake and must now lie in it.
    I just heard this morning from an elderly Lady that her Family completely shuns her now since she’s been refusing the Vaxx.
    Her niece had last year a little boy, who’s now so sick that it looks like he’s going to die.
    The mother and father are both double jabbed and boosted to the gills and needless to say, constantly sick like the rest of the old ladies Family.
    She on the other hand is as healthy as a spring chicken.
    I think they HATE her now for her good sense and great Health.

    • And all this means that under the skin, right below the surface, all these people know this isn’t about the effectiveness or medical benefits of the shots, but of submission. She didn’t submit and they hate her for it and for being right. because people are stupidly invested in the rightness of their thoughts instead of treating them as game pieces to be swapped out when they are shown to be useless.

      Its unfortunate that this is the new normal. It wasn’t that long ago in Canada when differing opinions nearly never meant a social conflict at all. People would not project the label of the opinion on the other, or onto themselves. But that is before the word “tolerance” was changed to mean ’embrace what I tell you to as the best thing ever or I will destroy you’.

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