Several interesting and important Zoom/YouTube events tomorrow you can join

First, the important one:

Police on Guard have been very hard at work behind the scenes, and have worked to assist in organizing a massive video conference with major players, viewed all across North America. It’s titled:

“And then they came for Canadians”
May 17th, 2022 at 12pm EST 

Mr Brian Peckford will be the guest of note speaking to the charter in long detail, hosted by Eric Feintuch, and accompanied by Geert VandenBosche, Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, and other  heavy hitting professionals..
Also on the panel will be none other than Vera Sharav (Holocaust survivor), to address Mr Trudeau’s actions and hate speech directly.
Kari Simpson is honored and privileged to get to be a guest on this panel also.

Please spread the link everywhere, and let’s get this content out.
Please make every effort to be on this, as this will be massive!
History in the making folks

Eric Feintuch is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Brian Peckford, International Law Enforcement, Scientists, Doctors and Attorneys
Time: May 17, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 899 1131 7031 
Passcode: 2022
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+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
Meeting ID: 899 1131 7031 
Passcode: 2022
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Dr. VandenBosche seems to be the authority that all other authorities defer to, and quote. So this should be a great event. And has a heavy Canadian element as it is centred in part around the last living father of our confederation and signee to the Pierre Trudeau constitutional rights documents.
And now the fun one:
The US congress appears to be holding a public hearing on UFOs at around the exact same time. It can be viewed here,
and is billed as: US House of Representatives Permanent select committee on intelligence, congressional hearing on UFOs.
It is the opinion of this site, that this newfound effort to legitimize and propagate the notion of advanced extraterrestrials, even if not directly said to be such, but by process of elimination, always ends up as that one option, is yet another line of effort to get Western peoples to accept a one world unelected government. All lines of effort seem to require a global solution. Pandemic, migration, speech and thought crimes, “global warming”, Nuclear winter, ozone holes, Y2K, and others I don’t even remember at the moment. But these are clearly all lines of effort to force people to abandon their individual rights for collective control in order to make an unaccountable state, all powerful. The experimental gene therapy injections are a stellar example of exactly this.
When millions of people turn against those who refused an injection because using some kind of superstitious reasoning, the refusenicks are a threat to those who took an injection to protect themselves from that very threat, you know this is more Orwell than Edward Jenner. And what kind of threat could be more global and require an overarching government response than an alien threat?
For those who choose to watch, please do a few minutes research on the latest developments on Holography before landing on a position. Hell a few years ago, the camera company, Red Digital Cinema produced an actual phone that had a holographic screen and gave a 3D image with about 25 degrees of look-around. So think what the US government can do by now. Here is a link to some easily purchasable cheap holographic projectors.
And when I listen to US army people talking about their encounters with what they say are “UAPs” or Unidentified Arial phenomenon so they sound more sciency than saying UFOs, they sound like what two cats might sound like when talking about a laser pointer dot. “It defies all known physics”.  It makes impossible turns, dissapears and reappears somewhere else! It can go in and out of water without changing speed, and maybe go into space!
Yep. Laser pointer. a dollar ninety nine at the piggly wiggly.
No doubt the US government’s projectors are a little more expensive. Probably hidden somewhere in the billions to Ukraine bill.

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