All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for May 11, 2022

1. Senator Richard Black: The US is using the Ukraine as proxies

UPDATE: I have just been informed that this particular senator is a paid propaganda organ of the Russian Government via RT.

(I so regret even TRYING to understand what is going on over there. All I know is, the exact same people who have been pushing Covid, lock downs, WEF communist take over of the West, mandatory injections with experimental mRNA gene therapy and a host of other atrocities, are four square with Ukraine. And that Zelenskyy claims that Trudeau was his inspiration to get into politics. And that he, like Trudeau, have nearly no accomplishments or reason to be leaders. And that The most corrupt and horrifying people in the US government like Biden and his son, have deep ties with China and the Ukrainian government in ways that benefit neither people of the US, Canada or the Ukraine. So what this Senator said made sense initially. I guess in the end, like the General said during an Iran-Iraq conflict, “This is one of those wars you hope both sides lose”.

Please see the reader’s Links for Today and yesterday for a LOT of material on this conflict, and check the comments under this post as the evening progresses. Also, Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue tonight is on the US Ukraine connection and is absolutely brilliant.

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  1. And you believe people with an extensive political resume like Biden, Clinton et al are the ones who should hold the reins of power? “And that he, like Trudeau, have nearly no accomplishments or reason to be leaders.” Wake up. If Russia prevails in Ukraine we have handed Putin 44 million people for his war machine and a massive economic infusion.

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