Media deceptions and misdirections on critical issues of the day: Links 1, May 11th, 2022

1. James O’Keefe testifies at Congress about what seems to be a totally rogue state, using powers it has not been granted, to advance a narrative over truth

2. Aviation safety and injection mandates for pilots. Part 1 is 40 minutes.

Part 2 is an hour and a half.

3. Speaking of pilot issues in the air since the mRNA roll out, here is an amazing story. Probably everyone who ever takes a flying lesson, or spends time on a decent flight simulator, imagines a day when something happens when they are a passenger on an aircraft and they have to take over and land the plane. In this story, that actually happens. They do the story in the perfect fantasy scenario, that frankly, never happens. The closest I can remember is when Bryan Adams invited a fan up to play guitar at his show. But in that case, it was likely rehearsed, and if it bombed, no one would die except maybe of embarrassment. What is interesting though, about this news report, is how NOTHING is said about why the pilot was disabled. They read out the fantasy script, which ends with a hero going back to a grateful pregnant wife, but NEVER mention anything about why the proper pilot of this aircraft was disabled.

I think we can all have a guess.

4. CBC does the lie by omission on the “hundreds of childhood hepatitis”.

Once the mass injection of an entirely new technology which actually causes your own cells to mass produce a pathogenic alien protein to your body, whenever something mysterious happens in terms of disease outbreak, the first question would ALWAYS be, could it be the injection of this new, untested gene therapy? And as usual, CBC never mentions it once. Just plays up the mystery angle. Could be Covid though, meaning we all need more vaccines. Perhaps they will attribute it to Global Warming. Thesis, counter-thesis, solution. The doctor who says its no big is my favorite so far. This is a pure dialectic defence of the mRNA without even mentioning it once. Its covid, environmental toxins, or both but really its nothing so no worries.

5. Global News plays the same game with the same issue:

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  1. ITEM 3: Yep, the vaxx. Vaxxed pilots should not be allowed to fly solo.

    And the mystery hepatitis issue in young children, that also is spreading. So many questions about that one.

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