Ontario requires the mRNA Gene therapy shot before you can get actual medication for MS?

I am not aware that vaccination record has ever before been necessary for any procedure or treatment in Canada.

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5 Replies to “Ontario requires the mRNA Gene therapy shot before you can get actual medication for MS?”

  1. Being in close quarters with other patients can require that patients show vaccine or TB records. It depends on the situation. Why read more into it?

    • Hospitals and even many private clinics require proof of vaxx – from the parking lot! Specialists are finicky when it comes to accepting new patients.

      But here’s a coincidence regarding this case.

      Today my case worker from the agency that provides home health services came for her quarterly visit. A nurse practitioner I’ve known for years, she comes to tick boxes off a list required by the bureaucracy. Including vaxx status, of course.

      But she’s conscientious and cares, a real ally.

      Turns out I’m EXEMPT from booster mandates.
      For now, anyway. Medications required to treat complications of certain autoimmune diseases are counterindicated.

      My niece is having a flare of her MS.
      Therefore, she’s also _EXEMPT_.

      Maybe it’s living at Ground Zero of Moderna-ville. I hear they’re brewing up a FLUVID combo. Who knows?

      We’re advised to maintain our own bubbles, precautions similar to those taken by cancer patients on immunosuppressants. Personal responsibility, there’s a thought…

  2. “Your vaccination record.” Maybe that’s to determine any potential contraindications with the MS treatment.

    Then again…

    • Sort of cart before the horse.
      The prescribing physician has to know what’s kicking around inside his or her patient before signing off.

      If this lady was in remission, maybe she hadn’t kept up with routine visits, was not aware of hospital protocol. For years now.

      Yet she does refer to her doctor and presumably a specific drug. But she hasn’t been checked out since pandemic lockdown thus her outraged tweet.


  3. these criminals should be taken to court
    tell them to contact The Justice Center in Alberta
    now taking Trudeau
    his minions and all sorts of others to court

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