Ottawa leftist leaders force bad faith negotiations with Veterans – Results to be seen soon


Ottawa police had been in negotiations with the rally planned for April 29/30 called, “Rolling Thunder”. All arrangements had been solidified. A route and locations had been agreed upon, and the Canadian veterans had planned a rally at the War Memorial and Cenotaph downtown which would last a few hours and they would take planned routes out of Ottawa.

Then CTV did a classic hit piece on them with all the right adjectives to create loathing and fear of the people who had put their lives in harm’s way for Canada, and slammed them with the same narrative they maligned the Truckers with, in order to justify what came next.

Please listen to one of the principle people, Neil, who explains what Ottawa’s Mayor did at close to the last moment, and what the mood is. This is what happens when you take away people’s right to peaceful protest, and when you use the police in bad faith, and when the media is nothing more than a weapon of state control.

The video above was made in reaction to a tweeted statement by the Mayor which he now claims was false.


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  1. Just another item to put up when campaign season comes.
    The mayor does not respect individual liberty and legal and lawful protests.

    There will likely be some agitators now inserting themselves in the mix to try to discredit the bikers. Let that be upon the mayor’s head when there was a willingness to stick to a specific route with cooperation of the police, and now there’s the possibility of anarchy.

    Let that be upon your head Mr. mayor.

  2. Last week the Radio Man had on Ottawa Mayor Jim. By his tone and words he holds a profound dislike for truckers. I speak in the present tense because their spirit lingers in this city as palpably as a dry shot of tequila on a hangover morning. It’s not forgotten, least of all by the Mayor. He prattled on about their noise and exhaust fumes. In his way he was talking about the stench of their bodies and minds in metaphor, too. He portrayed them, dismissively, as inarticulate Neanderthals whose ability to express themselves was limited to screaming “freedom” and honking horns. What he refused to say is that these people were shouting “freedom” in a burning movie theater, the doors of which had been bolted shut by our federal and provincial governments, and which by virtue of their critical mass resonated their “inarticulate” message into world wanting to listen. There is a very good reason why he did not say this.

    Even during the convoy was I taken aback by how quickly and ferociously Mayor Jim’s rhetoric responded to the truckers. He took, and takes, these mass displays as a deep personal affront. He exposes himself by his own shrill vitriol. He doth protest too much. This compels one to speculate as to why.

    He must have had hard moments as a young gay man growing up in the day. No one can know precisely the extent and severity of such difficulties, except we who are old enough know that harsh treatment assuredly did happen to gay men and boys back then. Queer bashing and ugly language were accepted until the regime came into power that coined terms such as “toxic masculinity”. Scarred are the many from this legacy, I am sure. Why would Mayor Jim be exempted from this?

    He was elected to power, unsurprisingly, by the Grey Lady Club. Tea parties were his political beat while he ingratiated himself to this politically-meaningful demographic, capturing the votes of their doting grey husbands in the process, no doubt. This affinity is understandable given that men of his ilk and era were more mothered than fathered. This is common knowledge and, pardon my literary appropriation, but what’s bred in the bone does not go gently into that good night. There are always scores to settle. Saying he will not seek reelection is fitting given his own harsh reality. His Grey Lady Club is almost gone. And it is a bitter pill for the gay community that fought so hard for political clout only to see it usurped by the new sexual spectrum that regards these dinosaurs–his old guard–with some strange, automatic contempt that is reserved for any orthodoxy. Being a good politician, Mayor Jim smells the political winds a changin’.

    Bikers are the same masculine beast as the truckers, but even more so given that their own culture is subcultured in a mystique of violence and rebellion. No promises of good behavior, therefore, will mollify Mayor Jim’s concerns. What concerns? That Canadians are being held hostage in a burning theater, but are broadly unaware that the doors have been bolted shut. Massive assemblies heighten the possibility that the people will see their own throngs, and that what is known publicly, but disparately, will connect and be known commonly. This is the greatest fear of any tyrant, petty or great.

    Let’s hope the bikers refuse to play pattycake with the queen of the Grey Lady’s Club. Let’s hope they roll in their thunder and lay a few freedom flowers.

  3. “…The Canadian public is coming…” the organizer says.

    It is imperative to the government that no mass gathering of Canadians be seen by Canadians. This event is problematic to the authorities either with a set route or in a “free for all”. Thousands of motorcycles will be an of-scale demonstration of dissatisfaction that Mayor Jim, Dear Leader, and the rest of our control-freak betters don’t want spreading. Now, warns, the organizer, Ottawa gets a swarm rather than an orderly procession.

  4. ‘Rolling Thunder’ convoy warns of ‘free-for-all’ if police ban protest from downtown Ottawa

    One of the organizers of a planned motorcycle convoy is warning of a “free-for-all” on Friday if Ottawa police don’t allow hundreds of protesters to bring their bikes onto the streets around Parliament Hill.

    The “Rolling Thunder Ottawa” convoy plans to do a loop through downtown next weekend, with a stop planned at the National War Memorial.

    Police say they will not allow vehicles in the area around Parliament Hill or the National War Memorial as part of a protest.

    Ottawa police say the RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police and other city police services will send officers to help enforce the new rules.

    Organizer Neil Sheard, who has been involved in protests against COVID-19 restrictions, says in a YouTube video that without a route to follow there will be a “free-for-all” and a safety issue, unless police reconsider.


    Ottawa police call in backup for ‘Rolling Thunder’ event, vow to head off ‘another unlawful protest’

    City police say they have a plan and reinforcements coming to tackle this coming weekend’s “Rolling Thunder” event, preventing a potential reprise of the “Freedom Convoy” occupation that paralyzed Ottawa for weeks this winter.

    The City of Ottawa’s stance is that no motor vehicle protests, rallies or events will be allowed in designated downtown core areas, the Ottawa Police Service said in a statement Monday.

    “In line with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, ALL lawful protests, demonstrations and rallies etc. will continue to be allowed in the downtown core in areas such as Parliament Hill and the National War Memorial,” police said.

    “Vehicles will be excluded from participating in any of these events.”

    The force cited an “enhanced operational approach” to manage protesters expected to arrive Friday for the event slated for Saturday.

    “We will not allow for unsafe or unlawful conditions that could lead to another unlawful protest as seen in February,” police said.

    Community Solidarity Ottawa, a coalition of local labour unions, community organizations and residents, has raised the alarm that the motorcycle ride is not the bike rally in support of veterans that it claims to be, but rather little more than an extension of the convoy.

    Police said the the vehicle exclusion zone includes areas near Parliament Hill and the National War Memorial and applies to all demonstrations, rallies and events.

    “Significant” additional resources are coming from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police and municipal forces, Ottawa police said, adding they’ll focus on “public safety, maintaining the right to protest and enforcing all applicable laws.”

    “Any organizer of any event will be held accountable for their actions before, during and after events,” police said.

    They’re monitoring online commentary about the event and will investigate any “threatening or intimidating” behaviour and lay charges when warranted.

    Teams of investigators, including the hate crime unit, are ready to gather evidence and lay charges, police said, adding that they’re in contact with prosecutors.

    Police said they have contacted “Rolling Thunder” organizers — as they do for events ranging from football games to demonstrations — and people and groups planning counter protests.

    “This is not meant to support any specific cause but to ensure there are clear lines of communications and that public safety issues are addressed,” police said.

    “The role of police is to remain impartial, promote public safety and enforce relevant legislation.”

    Residents can expect traffic delays and there may be pedestrian-only zones in the core.

    There will also be an increased police presence and potential traffic delays near a site on a rural stretch of Eagleson Road where some participants are expected to gather this weekend, police said.

    Police and city staff are working up a traffic plan with maps to manage traffic flow — allowing for local traffic — with controlled intersections, road closures, towing and ticking all part of enforcement.


    • We already know the answer. Remember the George Floyd protests in Ottawa? At least 100,000 people downtown. Police took a freaking knee for it. Trudeau took a knee.

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