Why Canadians do not, and should not, trust government or law enforcement

The language was also deceptive. Notice that the inserted police chief managed to wedge in the word, “Occupation” with reference to the protest in Ottawa. By that definition, ANY and EVERY protest is an “occupation”.

But the trucker protest was different in that they did not deny the use of the space to anyone. Which makes it less like an occupation than one where the protestors have a picket line and will not let people cross it into the space being protested, if they are not assisting the agenda of the protestors.

Many years ago in Ottawa, we used to have two major newspapers. A leftist/Liberal one, The Ottawa Citizen, and a conservative Conservative one, The Ottawa Journal.

The union for the Journal went on strike for many months. Possibly even years. They would not allow other workers onto the site, Eventually, management went to work the presses and do all the union jobs for a while, but eventually the paper closed altogether, costing all the jobs for the union.

Looking back on this event, and even as a child it made no sense that a union would close the plant that gave all its workers jobs, one cannot help but wonder if it was a political action against a non-leftist and influential publication, rather than an actual worker’s grievance. But that, was much more of an occupation, as they denied access to any other workers, and at one point, IIRC, even management. The Trucker’s protest was a 3 week party and denied entrance no no one.


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