Curious clip from Ukraine

In the shadowy world of intel, its very hard to know what is true and what is not, and what is directed information to a purpose that is not one of informing the public. This goes 10X for wartime.

In that light, here is an interesting clip. I am content the source of it is sincere. I don’t know much about it, but here is what I do know:

The clip came untitled. The heading of it seems to indicate that the US is giving direct help to the Ukrainian army, specifically the Azov Battalion (A308) which uses the Nazi, SS logo of twin lightning strikes as its battalion crest, in the form of telemetry, or targeting information.

The voice over appears to be Russians from within the tanks. Which means IF this clip is genuine, that it shows the damage the Ukrainian army did to the Russian tanks, exposes direct US military assistance resulting in a win for Ukraine, and that the US, recording this footage by drone, also was tapped into Russian comm systems.

That is assuming of course its not a clip from a high verisimilitude video game. But the source is good on this. Make of it what you will.

If this site is taken down by DDoS shortly, it probably means we have it right.

We will update this post with any corrections if and when they appear.

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  1. The Azov Battalion is accused of horrific crimes, which if true demand action be taken to bring them to Justice.

  2. The drones are likely Turkish – I know Erdogan supplied quite a few to the Ukes and they are well regarded. If the clip is authentic, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were tapped into Russian comms. They are still using analog radio (very 70’s) and have virtually zero ability to fight at night (among other short-comings). Despite some claimed high tech aerospace-related hardware, the Russian military is fairly primitive by our standards.

  3. From experience, this seems to be communications intel collected by an airborne platform–probably an RC-135 or similar flying just across the border. This real-time collection is sent directly to NSA for analysis. The voice coms are digital–not analog–and it is possible they were encrypted, but the US an NATO can apparently break through the encryption. The film has obviously been added. The real question, why did the NSA release this knowing it would expose their capabilities? They also did the same for political reasons in 1983 after the downing of flight 007 when they played one of their recordings before the UN, but these types of releases are very rare. Oh, and callsign “Udar” never said they were fired on by the drones…he said artillery and tanks with drones also possibly overhead…probably in a spotting role my guess.

  4. It is not designated «A308», but the spelling «A3OB» is AZOV in the local language, I think this is more or less the same (cyrillic) alphabet as is used in Russia and several other places.

    The term battallion are kind of obsolete as they have grown in numbers over the years, brigade or maybe even division are more descriptive.

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