So, where did all those unmarked cops come from in Ottawa? Links 1, February 20, 2022

1. The woman who was trampled by the horse is alive. This is her message. The last detail I heard about her is she is not Metis, but a full blood Mohawk. Will be interesting to see the narrative attack on her now.

2. Wall Street Journal: Covid-19 Vaccines Were Deadly in Rare Cases. Governments Are Now Weighing Compensation.

LONDON—Vikki Spit’s partner of two decades received his first Covid-19 shot in early May. Two weeks later, he died from a condition doctors for the 48-year-old former punk rock musician attributed to a rare vaccine side effect.

Ms. Spit now lives alone in a north England farmhouse, home to the couple’s rescue pets. Finances are tight. She struggles to maintain the online art-resale business her partner, who went by a single legal name, Zion, had started. She’s learning to drive—a task that had always fallen to him.

“Sometimes putting a kettle on seems more than I can manage,” she says. Ms. Spit is now among hundreds in the U.K. and elsewhere applying for government compensation for suspected injury caused by Covid-19 vaccines.

She is part of a very small, little-discussed community of pandemic victims: those who have suffered—or had family or loved ones suffer—from rare but serious vaccine side effects recognized by doctors, regulators and researchers. They say they feel lost in wider Covid-19 statistics, which have shown vaccines to be extremely safe and effective for most of the population.

(What do you think? Are governments and media starting to fear the rope that comes at the end of Nuremberg trials?)

3. All human rights orgs have gone darkside at this point.

PENN have always been phoneys. They are to freedom of speech what the “Human Rights Commissions” are to human rights.

4. 16 minutes about Trudeau by Russel Brand

5. Draw your own conclusions


Thank you all for your efforts today, and for the past 20 something days while the covers got yanked off of the Communist authoritarian dictatorship that Canada now is revealed to be.


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11 Replies to “So, where did all those unmarked cops come from in Ottawa? Links 1, February 20, 2022”

  1. OK, so now it seems that *perhaps* Turdoe used UN “peacekeepers” to put down the Freedom Convoy? If true, yet another “conspiracy theory” has become “conspiracy fact”.

    • I had a few other thoughts – let’s call this a “thought experiment”….

      Let’s say that Turdoe, as the leader of a free and democratic society is concerned about the snarl of traffic in the capitol. But at the same time a large number of his citizens are very upset about the government’s policies. These protestor must surely represent a very significant percentage of the populous – perhaps not the majority, but a very sizeable minority. (I think these are reasonable assumptions).

      Would not a prudent course of action (as the leader of these people in a representative democracy) arrange to meet with representatives of the group and have a civil discussion? You might do say…

      1. Listen to their concerns, and be respectful.
      2. Point out that their voices are being heard, since several Provincial Premiers cancelled many Covid restrictions in response.
      3. Propose a “pause” to the cross-border trucker mandates for a period of at least say, 30 days while things are reviewed in an open meeting format that will solicit feedback from the truckers.
      5. Offer a joint statement acknowledging the dialog
      6 In exchange for these considerations, ask that the truckers scale back their protest to public demonstration areas and unblock major city thoroughfares.

      One can quibble about the points above, and they are a broad sketch, but I think it is a pretty reasonable approach, and I bet some form of the above would have worked well with the convoy protestors.

      BUT, Turdoe didn’t do any of that. Why? Likely because he genuinely feels these people are “subjects” not “citizens” and have no right to ask for a redress of their grievances. Because what the truckers want is at odds with the hidden agendas of the ruling elite. Because he has no respect or regard for the “commoners” making up the protest. In short, Turdoe already regarded himself as “supreme leader”, and the normal rules of participatory democracy no longer apply – he just didn’t come right out and say it.

      His response to the convoy pulled the mask off. Everything you were afraid was happening WAS happening, and his response proves that.

    • It makes sense to bring in a foreign military because most Ottawa police officers sympathize with the protestors and it would be difficult for them to be nasty toward the crowd of peaceful citizens.

  2. The other night, Feb 19, Amazing Polly’s Rumble: She said all these protests are worthless.

    Seeing what has happened, I agree with her. She said there is only one way to defy the government and that would be if we all removed our masks in areas where it is required, it would have a profound and chilling effect. The people versus Justin Trudeau, a highly visual defiance.

    • That is all well and good to do, but let me warn you there are a lot of brainwashed, fear freaks out there who now say they will wear a mask from now on. YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID.

      The truckers are absolutely heroes. They have started some people to think and now question the lies the disgraceful media CBC, CTV, Global, the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star have spewed. Canadians are now learning the media have been bought and paid for by the global degenerate who calls himself prime minister.

      Shame on all the politicians and police. Thousand of Canadians have lost their jobs, lives totally ruined and the politicians and police get a raise. SHAME on all of them, they make me sick.
      STOP the injections NOW.

    • There is ALWAYS more than one way. In fact, there is ALWAYS more than two. And anyone who ever tells you that you have only two choices, is trying to sell you one of them.

      I like Polly. I speak with her now and again. But its counter productive to take a million people that did something and call them useless and then say all that works is this piece of vapourware.

      Screw that. It worked. Now more people are getting assertive about the mandates and not doing it and more and more businesses are not enforcing it. That was cause of the truckers.

      Polly needs to get out more.

  3. If it gets us off the spike highway, that’s certainly a win!

    We KNEW the crisis was manufactured. That it was NEVER about health, that it was political from the get-go.

    Yet fascinated by our dissident heroes – the genuine experts in the field – we’ve dithered in the biomed weeds.

    Proving Brandolini’s Bullshit Asymmetry Principle: the amount of energy required to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude greater than to create it.

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