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5 Replies to “Currently live presser. The Trucker protest is ending. But people are still walking in to protest”

    • It showed as scheduled, then I watched the clock run down, then it started.

      You may be right though. There is NO deception they won’t stoop to.

  1. Ok, so you truckers and supporters got beaten down by storm troopers, you still succeeded in awakening the world, a massive Red Pill! Now go home be with family and loved ones, park your Rigs and nothing moves! We will see how many days it will take for the outcry of the non supporters to become deafening moaning and grumbling. Let them complain to their elected officials to do something. You can’t be forced to haul, and there is no one that can replace you. So let the sheeple of Canada suffer, those of us who are awake have made preparations for this eventuality!

    • I really like the way he doesn’t tell them what to do. He emphasizes that grassroots decision-making is the power and the glory of the movement.

      He doesn’t tell them to take their kids home – except for advising them to keep kids out of a red zone. He shares his own decision not to expose his kids to the ugliness evolving.

      He suggests that withdrawing to re-group makes more sense than serving as a punching-bag for thugs, but he respects choices made by free people who remain peaceful. Let them adhere to the rights enumerated in the Charter.

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