‘Killing our patients’: Nurse whistleblower exposes hospital failures, side effects of COVID shot: Links 2, January 13, 2022

1. From Alex Berenson’s Substack. It now appears that getting the mRNA vaxx is the fastest way to get Covid19. But the company that makes that goo managed to convince government agencies to pretend that anyone who gets covid within 2 weeks of the SECOND dose, are “unvaccinated” and to be counted that way. (This by the way, includes adverse effects from the vaxx including death. So if you get the vaxx and drop dead the next day from blood clots in or near the heart despite being a fit young man in his 20s, it wasn’t the vaccine.) In this Berenson article, he uses Alberta to show that at around 20 days after the first dose, a staggering number of people get Covid BECAUSE THE FAUCI SAUCE SUPPRESSES your immune system. Not enhances it.

2. (Triple vaxxed)  French Health Minister Olivier Véran tests positive for Covid

Health Minister Olivier Véran is self-isolating after testing positive for Covid, as France registers the highest-ever number of newly registered cases.

A spokesperson of France’s Health Ministry told AFP that Véran showed “light symptoms,” adding that he had been vaccinated three times.

“He will go into isolation and continue to work from his private quarters in the ministry.”

“I’ve tested positive for Covid,” Véran tweeted. “As a result, I have self-isolated and continue working from a distance.”

Véran has contracted the virus at the time health statistics showed the highest single-day tally of the pandemic.


Source: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/21a244_hgci.pdf

But the SCOTUS also upholds the vaxx mandate for health-care workers.

4. RN of 17 years whistle blows on vaxx damage and deaths

5. Canada’s reaction is to buy enough doses for EVERY Canadian to have TWO OR THREE shots PER YEAR till 2024!

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