Stunning Excerpt from Kennedy’s book on Fauci, and the first set of news links and analysis: Links 1, January 13, 2022

Before we start, an excerpt from Robert Kennedy Jr’s book which is a quote from another book, on Anthony Fauci. This quote shows that Fauci is much more in the wheelhouse of this website’s subject matter than it is a matter of a simple corrupt bureaucrat who is enriching himself by psychopathic actions against the citizens of the world:

Asked to offer thoughts on Fauci, veteran AIDS “war” reporter Celia Farber pulls back and takes a broad view. She said:

People understand the Arendt concept of the “banality of evil.”
You have set yourself the formidable task of deconstructing him. Why is he
“evil”? (Which he is.)
It’s not because he is so “banal,” so bureaucratic, so boring. That’s the drag
In fact, he is a revolutionary—a very dangerous one, who slipped behind
the gates when nobody understood what he was bringing in.
What was he bringing in? He was bringing in—as a trained Jesuit and
committed Globalist—a new potion that would achieve any and all aims for Pharma and the powers he served.

The potion was then known as Political Correctness—now called “woke.”
Fauci switched the entire linguistic system of American science, from classical “speak,” to woke “speak.” He brought in Cancel Culture, essentially, before anybody could imagine what it was.

It was too perverse for genuine scientists to conceive of such a thing mixing with science, they could not believe it, or grasp it. Like a rape. It was incredibly confusing. That’s what I documented, on the ground, that horror and confusion among real scientists, as American science changes so radically before their eyes, to accommodate HIV.

Farber went on:

Let me elaborate a bit. Fauci’s reign begins in 1984, a year of total change. Everything changes, all of a sudden. Gallo is deployed with Margaret Heckler to make the declaration by US Government fiat that the “probable cause of AIDS” had been “found” and that it was some kind of trans-Atlantic fusion that looked “virus like” on the big screen, but was really neither a cogent virus nor a pathogen. The reason it “flew” to use [Nature Bio/Technology founding editor] Harvey Bialy’s word, was because everything had already changed.

It was understood, without overt commands, that the “gay cancer” that had everybody in such a panic could not be assessed as complex toxic illness with a complex cause. The entire US media understood what to say and not say, and not only because of the allegiance to the shadow government, but because the era of classical science had ended. It ended that day. It would henceforth be a crime against decency to, for example, address anything that could be making gay men sick other than “the virus.”

That’s not “bad science.” That’s perfectly executed political correctness. And they are diametrically at odds, in the Biblical sense of good and evil.

What Fauci did was he made political correctness the new currency, of his funding empire. Peter Duesberg was not “wrong” about HIV and AIDS, he was politically incorrect about it and that was how Fauci banished him—sentenced him to funding and reputation death, as though he had done something really bad by dissenting against HIV theory.

Stop and think how insane this is. An elite cancer virologist brought over from Germany’s Max Planck Institute whose credentials are so outstanding, who was well on his way to solving cancer’s genetics . . . felled suddenly by a fatwah, issued by this . . . Mufti? Who was he to issue a fatwah against America’s top cancer virologist? Well, he did. He blocked every federal research dollar to Duesberg after 1987, because Duesberg repudiated the woke ideology Fauci’s HIV empire, in a few paragraphs of a scientific paper that was about something else.

He sustained the economic and reputational attack/vendetta for the next 3 decades. Without blinking. It’s really an unbelievable story. It would make Americans’ blood boil if they knew about it—because almost all have lost somebody in their family to cancer.

Fauci had, by 1987, when Duesberg wrote the Cancer Research paper that sealed his scientific fate, an apparatus that included mass media, psychological operations, public health—this octopus that just straight-up throttled the entire scientific tradition of Western civilization. Evidence based science and the discourse culture that goes with it— gone. That’s what he did. It’s no small feat.

He destroyed American science by snuffing out its spirit, the spirit of open inquiry, proof and standards.

The reason so many outstanding scientists lent their names to opposing Fauci’s vendetta on Duesberg was not that they cared, necessarily, about the cause of AIDS; This was, for them, a battle over the very soul of science. Kary Mullis [PCR inventor] broke down crying in an interview I did with him in 1994, talking about it—talking about what Fauci did to Peter Duesberg and what it meant.

The real scientists were horrified. Suddenly a guillotine was present. A new and strange terror. People were “guilty,” of thought-crimes like “HIV denialism.” Fauci had made political correctness the new revolutionary language, see? And that meant if you were “bad,” if you didn’t push agenda driven science, everything was taken away from you. And the media cheered. And anybody who didn’t was destroyed, vilified, harassed, fired, in a word, canceled.

1. Dr. Robert Malone shares his personal story, and offers a tool to all who took the Pfizer shots to help find out how many adverse and lethal reactions there are to the batch you may have got.

2. New research finds cannabis compounds prevent coronavirus from entering human cells

(If this is true, Trudeau must be kicking himself for legalizing it. On the other hand, the move to block those who chose not to get the mRNA shots from buying it makes more sense. I guess adults will have to hang around in front and try and talk a kid into buying it for them)

Findings of the study led by Richard van Breemen, a researcher with Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Centre, College of Pharmacy and Linus Pauling Institute, were published recently in the Journal of Natural Products.

Van Breemen and collaborators, including scientists at Oregon Health & Science University, found that a pair of cannabinoid acids bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, blocking a critical step in the process the virus uses to infect people, according to a statement.

According to the findings by the university, the compounds are cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, CBDA, and the spike protein is the same drug target used in Covid-19 vaccines and antibody therapy.

(Maybe my youth wasn’t as wasted as I thought. I may have a lifetime immunity)

3. Ottawa backs down on vaccine mandate for truckers

(According to STRATFOR, which used to be an amazing source of news and analysis before Obama made them ruin it, any government is just 7 meals away from revolution. I guess Trudeau got the memo.)

Canadian big-riggers exempt from impending quarantine rule, border agency says

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  1. 1-

    A limp-wristed refutation of Malone’s Rogan interview. You know you have them when…

  2. About the possible benefits of cannabis vs covid:
    I find it really hard to believe that any of said benefits can be gained from smoking the stuff and suppose it has to be eaten to make any difference…
    Garlic and ginseng have proven benefits for our health when ingested, but drying and burning it and inhaling the fumes?
    Surely less dangerous than inhaling smoke from burning plastic etc, but still.

  3. This is a great book – a real eye opener – I’m about halfway through and getting more and more angry with every page!

    • Yes you need some deep breathing exercises when you read it. Please feel free to write your thoughts, quotes and reviews of that book here at Vlad as you see fit.

  4. 4. Teaching children not to speak to strangers… and now the Canadian government setting them up for parent shaming.

    “In a blaze of enthusiasm, the children changed their names. Zhang, previously called Tiefu, became Hongbing, or “red soldier”. His elder sister joined millions of Red Guards trekking to Beijing to see Mao. But shortly after her return, she collapsed and died from meningitis, aged 16. Months later, their father was attacked as a “capitalist roader” in at least 18 “struggle sessions” of verbal and physical abuse.

    “I wrote a big character poster about him; I just wanted to follow Chairman Mao,” said Zhang. “For a child to criticise their parents wasn’t just our household. The whole country was doing it.””

  5. On one hand it is mind-blowing that Fauci was a communist from the start. On the other hand we’ve had other examples of good communist credentials in our elected officials–Obama and Hillary Clinton to name a couple that sort of matter–so it shouldn’t surprise us too much by now.

    What amazes me even more is how they get away with it for so long. They slap down their opponents here and there, branding foes with their hot iron of political incorrectness, so very effective.

    It really is spelling our end, which it should not. There does exist a timber of address between frankness and refutation, respect and resolve, wherein a man speaks his mind with such forthright honesty that all the disingenuous squealing in the world is for naught.

    It comes from the heart and the head, both. This is why Fauci cannot deal with Rand Paul.

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