Everyone in the USA who died of Covid should be considered a murder

As I listen through Robert F Kennedy’s book on the Real Anthony Fauci, and how the various medical regulatory boards all KNEW FOR A FACT that ivermectin and HCQ would lower the death rate by over 80% and deliberately withheld it and even placed obstacles in the way of its use for Covid, there is do doubt left in my mind that the title of this post is correct.

Add to that how difficult it actually is to get the book itself. Amazon judo-propaganda’d me like Twitter does. The way this works, is they took my order, and for over a month pretended they would send me the book, kicking the delivery date down the road until finally they sent me an email saying they had no idea when they could get it to me and do I want to cancel the order.

Of course, like how Twitter and Facebook let you waste your time and effort composing and researching a post they don’t let anyone outside your immediate circle see, Amazon made sure that I wouldn’t try and get the book anywhere else as they jerked me around for delivery till they figured it didn’t matter anymore and the real impact of the book was lost.

I managed to get a copy of its contents anyway. And let me tell you, its a M U S T R E A D.

Thank you EB.

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6 Replies to “Everyone in the USA who died of Covid should be considered a murder”

  1. I ordered it pre-release from Bookshop.com.
    I avoid Amazon like the plague — double-entendre intended.

    Two copies — as per my order — were delivered promptly. No hassle whatsoever.

    Yes! A must read.

  2. The New Hanover residents are blessed beyond measure to have such a herald of truth in their midst.

    Our foes may have their great reset with which to terrorize us, but we have a vast army of fearless warriors — known and unknown, ordinary and grand — through whom we will impose our righteous reckoning.

  3. Great for her. Good to know more Doctors are speaking out. Yet what’s the treatment? How do we get the doctors to have it in my town.

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