The ‘hidden’ Geert Vanden Bossche interview from December 30, 2021

I am informed that this video is very hidden by Youtube. It will not show up in searches for it, I am told. Perhaps if you use the exact name in the title, but it was sent to me as this has been hidden by Youtube, even if you search for it.

When they make it disappear, please let me know so that it can be restored to another platform.

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  1. From his open letter to the WHO: ‘… similar to the rules applying to classical antimicrobial antibiotics, it is paramount that our self-made ‘antiviral antibiotics’ are made available in suficient concentration and are tailored at the specific features of our enemy. This is why in case of bacterial disease it is critical to not only chose the right type of antibiotic (based on the results from an antibiogram) but to also take the antibiotic for long enough (according to the prescription). Failure to comply with these requirements is at risk of granting microbes a chance to survive and hence, may cause the disease to flare up.

    A very similar mechanism may also apply to viruses, especially to viruses that can easily and rapidly mutate (which is, for example, the case with Coronaviruses); when the pressure exerted by the army’s (read: populaton’s) immune defense starts to threaten viral replication and transmission, the virus will take on another coat so that it can no longer be easily recognized and, therefore, attacked by the host immune system. The virus is now able to
    escape immunity (so-called: ‘immune escape’).

    However, the virus can only rely on this strategy provided it still has room enough to replicate. Viruses, in contrast to the majority of bacteria, must rely on living host cells to replicate. This is why the occurrence of ‘escape mutants’ isn’t too worrisome as long as the likelihood for these variants to rapidly find another host is quite remote.’

    In other words, he explains the reason why MRSA began as a hospital-acquired infection but has become community-acquired, as well as livestock-acquired.

    That everyone producing the spike proteins, may end up being an easy meal for a new strain of COVID. Like planting all your fields with corn so fungus will have no barriers of other plants preventing their decimation. The biological arms-race of diversity of immune systems, gone.

    (At least we saved Socialized Medicine from going Capitalist on us).

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