Australia implements vaxx-damage compensation, but hasn’t removed the mandates

Something stinks about this one. Imagine that Oz. starts up a compensation program for Vaxx Victims, but doesn’t stop the mandates or coercion? Its also insulting to take 20 years off someone’s life due to Myocarditis and boil it down to a few weeks worth of lost wages.

This feels more like a kind of incentive program for those who have refused the Fauci-sauce so far. They must imagine that it will assuage fears of those who haven’t taken it. And it may for some of them.

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3 Replies to “Australia implements vaxx-damage compensation, but hasn’t removed the mandates”

  1. Since when could money buy your Health back?
    And I’m pretty sure that this money they’re going to pay out will keep its value for the rest of your Life after the Government damaged your Health.
    What utter morons

  2. I just cant believe ppl are so ffin stupid pardon the language .
    But that’s what we in Holland would call a cigar out of your own box /collection.
    So they are actually gonna reward ppl with their own tax money after they used you as a lab rat .
    Great keep swallowing their bullshit narative peeps the reward that your getting the shushh money came out of your own pocket in the first place LMFAO .
    Tip : Start using your grey matter what it was designed for start thinking .
    M 2 cents

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