Some British are appropriately fed up, Creator of mRNA tech, banned from Twitter for truth: Links 2, December 29, 2021

1. A data point on how communist Canada is. The Rebel was turned down for a commercial mortgage, not because of financial standing, but because the bank’s HQ doesn’t like The Rebel’s political positions.

2. UK: Protestors take it to a place called, “Area 19”. No idea what that is yet.

A few words about the video above. Many of us, maybe even all of us will disagree with some or all of the things said by these protestors. But the British government, like the Canadian, German and a dozen others, have lied to, locked down, bankrupted, cost family friends and livelyhoods and most recently, coerced by force and loss of the most fundamental freedoms of all people to take an experimental medication by lying about every. single. aspect. of the entire “pandemic” and the shots from day freaking one.

They knowingly used bad tests and redefinitions in order to create justifications for measures that were miles outside the constitutional limits of these governments. The American and German ones in particular. So at this point, if ten thousand people marched on a Government facility claiming almighty Zeus was coming down in a spaceship from Tau Ceti 3 to turn us all into frogs because of these shots, I would support them. Each and every one of them.

Truth, information flow, coercion, intimidation and obedience to the law, and even the use of force cannot be a one way thing.

The government has a right to the use of force because the people allow it as it is in the people’s interests. We now have authoritarian states using all the machinery of government including the unlawful and arbitrary and very much ultra-virus use of force to negate all aspects of our personhood. Ultimately the only reason a person should be able to refuse these injections is because they do not want them. This means any reason they make up, true or false not to get it, falls well within that one acceptable reason. And they must not be coerced, punished, restricted or insulted for their choice. This was established at Nuremberg and made into international law by the UN, and signed on directly by Canada in 1950.

3. Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of mRNA technology, got banned off of Twitter for posting truth when that particular truth is not acceptable to authority. You can follow Dr. Malone on his substack directly here.

We believe it is this bit of truth for which he was banned:

4. In case anyone doesn’t get it yet, the Canadian government has been tracking all Canadians with cell phones for over a year now, without bothering to get a warrant to get this kind of data from your Telco. This is a government procurement offer to hire people to help spy on Canadians.

Try and keep that in mind when Trudeau does videos making it look like he wants to attack personal liberties, then it turns out really he was objecting to the Not withstanding clause which allows that, then it turns out he has been doing exactly that since he moved into the GG grounds as PM.

Or put more simply:

Canada secretly tracked 33 million phones during COVID-19 lockdown: report

5. Alex Berenson: Vaccines don’t stop Covid hospitalizations or deaths

Even at the peak of their protection earlier in 2021, Covid vaccines barely reduced the risk of hospitalizations in vaccinated people who had “breakthrough” infections, new data show.

Vaccinated people in a study published Tuesday had a nearly 1 in 200 chance of of requiring hospitalization for Covid in the first six months after being “fully vaccinated.”

That stunning risk came even though the median age of people in the study was only 51, and most were relatively healthy.

Deaths, ventilator use, and other severe outcomes also occurred regularly in vaccinated people. The data comes from a study of about 600,000 vaccinated Americans seen at over 100 academic medical centers.

The study was published online Dec. 28 in the Journal of the American Medical Association – JAMA Internal Medicine.

The data in the study also make clear how quickly vaccine protection fades after the second dose – and that the Centers for Disease Control hugely understated the number of vaccinated people hospitalized for Covid earlier this year.

Of the 600,000 fully vaccinated people, about 2,800 required inpatient hospitalization for Covid in the first six months after “full vaccination.” That period starts 14 days after the second dose of mRNA vaccines, when vaccine protection should be at peak. […]

But by far the most interesting figures in the study are contained in a single small table in an appendix.

It compares the outcomes of the roughly 18,000 vaccinated and infected people seem at the medical centers with a much larger group of Covid patients – about 2.5 million people – who were not vaccinated and visited the same centers at any point during the epidemic.

About 84 percent of the vaccinated patients were seen as outpatients, while 16 percent required hospitalization.

In comparison, about 77 percent of unvaccinated patients were seen as outpatients, while 23 percent were hospitalized.

This post is public. So please read it all, and check the source materials over at AB’s SS.

Thank you all for your thoughtful and dedicated attention to these issues, and for finding errors where they may be in this material at this site.

Catherine Austin Fitts on Vaxx and ID passports:


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  1. Area 19 is probably the new facility built at Milton Keynes that the Milton Keynes Undertaker has spoken about. He reckons it’s a Covid Prison and that they have built a crematorium there !

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