The Gessler Hat, the best explanation for the Covid mask to date

Please read this article over at RAIR Foundation about a Catholic priest who openly opposes both the Church and the government on Covid mandates from masks to vaccines. He made an almost en passant remark about the nature of the masks which struck me as singularily appropriate. A reference which is at the symbolic core of the folkloric story of William Tell.

After reading the story, watch this video for an abbreviated understanding of the origin of the term, Gessler Hat, which the priest used to describe the nature of Covid masks.

And just cause it’s awesome…


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  1. I have been posting this all over the place since fauci said masks were necessary.
    As Anthony Fauci said “masks are there as a sign to show that we’re willing to do what he (fauci) wants us to do. So, it’s a sign of the willingness to comply.” It is a modern version of the Gessler hat.”
    Most of us have a perfectly good medical reason for not wearing a mask, we have IQs over 70. DM
    And it’s sister site
    Very good video, informative.
    The Truth Behind The Mask
    August 24, 2020
    Good Video
    Wearing the mask is part of an initiation ritual for the New World Order
    Don’t Know if any of these links still work haven’t used them for quite awhile.

  2. “Hermann Göring had a variant of the Gesslerhut erected in the Dachau concentration camp. Since the two Catholic priests Josef Zilliken and Johannes Schulz had not saluted him in a garden pub on May 27, 1940, they were arrested that same evening and sent to the concentration camp for punishment. In addition, they had to march there constantly with their arms raised in the Hitler salute past a uniform cap pinned to a pole, which was supposed to symbolize Göring.”

  3. “If your God indeed exists, then I will hit the bottle, and if He does not exist, then I will hit you.” (Kurt Franz, Treblinka commander)

    • No angel could put down the devil roused by Der Führer. German cities remained the heart of the Nazi war machine. They were obliterated in the Allied drive for unconditional surrender.

      American soldiers were not there to “liberate” the Germans. They were there to liberate others from the Germans.

      Great good fortune not to be “liberated” by the Soviet Army.

      • “American soldiers were not there to ‘liberate’ the Germans. They were there to liberate others from the Germans.”

        To present the bombing of civilians as an “act of humanity” is a cynicism beyond compare. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, napalm and Agent Orange were arguably acts of humanity as well. By the way, we have the “refugees” to thank for the same “humanitarian” approach.

        Wrong: The Allies did not bomb industrial plants, but quite deliberately the population. The industrial plants were mostly spared in order to dismantle them after the war and incorporate them into their own operations.

        “Liberator” Churchill was quoted as saying it was “not a matter of getting rid of Hitler, but of getting Germany out of the way”.

        Ironically, it will not have been Hitler in the end who brought about the downfall of the West. (Which does not mean that he was a blessing, you always have to add that nowadays for “politically correct” reasons, so as not to be defamed as a “Nazi”.)

        “American soldiers were not there to ‘liberate’ the Germans. They were there to liberate others from the Germans.”

        This can only be interpreted as equally cynical Germanophobic sentiment, for the German men were far away at the front at the time of the bombings.

        “Great good fortune not to be ‘liberated’ by the Soviet Army.”

        If the Allies were so “humanitarian”, why did they pact with Stalin and let half of Europe disappear behind the Iron Curtain?

        Why did the humanitarian Allies know about the concentration camps but did not take action to destroy them? Why did they refuse to accept Jewish refugees (MS St. Louis).

        It is little known that even for years the forests in Germany were cut down by the Allies, so that, for example, in the Harz Mountains, only spruce monoculture exists to this day.

        Der Spiegel, of all publications, is a product of the allies. Bill Gates paid the left liberal Lügen paper (see Relotius scandal) over $5 million to publish postively about vaccination.

      • PS: That the “Versailles Treaty”, which branded Germany as the sole guilty party in the war and imposed unpayable reparations on it, already created the preconditions for Hitler’s rise is another topic.

        By the way, for years the Americans and the British regarded Hitler as a “bulwark against communism” and stood idly by, indulging him in one aggression after another (appeasement policy).

        Henry Kissinger pursued the same policy after the war with the fascist military regimes in South America. Not only such regimes were installed and promoted there. The Taliban are also such a product.

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