The death of merit, and a few words about what we post and why: Links 2, November 24, 2021

1. Sheffield United midfielder John Fleck is ‘conscious in hospital and asked for the result’ after collapsing on the pitch and receiving 10 minutes of urgent medical attention during Championship fixture with Reading

Sheffield United midfielder John Fleck has been rushed to hospital after collapsing on the pitch during his side’s Championship fixture with Reading. 

The Blades were leading 1-0 thanks to Jayden Bogle’s 56th-minute strike when Fleck collapsed on the pitch. His team-mates immediately called for medical assistance.

The 30-year-old received 10 minutes of urgent medical treatment on the pitch at the Madejski Stadium on Tuesday night before being transported to hospital.

After the match, United boss Slavisa Jokanovic said: ‘He is in hospital, he is conscious and he asked for the result. Hopefully he we will be okay.

‘He is safe, in good hands and we pray that everything will be okay.’

(In the new spirit of never inform for consent, so far I cannot find a link that tells if this club mandates its players to take the vaxx. The best I can do is that the Premier League, guessing that includes Sheffield, has a near 70% rate of vaccination amongst its players as of October 19.)

2. Toronto self congratulates on injecting children with experimental gene therapy…

…when children pretty much never get Covid or suffer damage from it, and there is a traditional vaccine for it on the horizon anyway.

3. Minority professor denied grants because he hires on merit: ‘People are afraid to think’

An award-winning Canadian scientist said he has been refused two federal government grants for his research on the grounds of “lack of diversity” — even though he is originally from India and has repeatedly suffered racism.

Patanjali Kambhampati, a professor in the chemistry department at Montreal’s McGill University, believes the death knell for the latest grant was a line in the application form where he was asked about hiring staff based on diversity and inclusion considerations. He says his mistake was maintaining that he would hire on merit any research assistant who was qualified, regardless of their identity.

“We will hire the most qualified people based upon their skills and mutual interests,” Kambhampati wrote on the application.

4. Sheffield United Star John Fleck Collapses on Pitch During Tuesday Match and Rushed to the Hospital – TV Live Feed Cut when Announcer Asks If He’s Had COVID Jab

5.Germany: Public transport passengers required to show COVID certificates

All passengers using German public transport may be subject to random screening by security and safety personnel following the continuing increase in COVID cases as the fourth wave of the pandemic hits.

Following the Infection Protection Act, passed on 19 November, random checks by German railways staff will be carried out as of Wednesday.

“There will be 4,200 DB Security employees on duty, in addition to the approximately 5,000 DB employees and also the companies we contract for these checks on commuter trains, i.e., on local trains, regional express trains, and regional trains,” said a DB spokesperson.

The new regulation only applies to people over the age of six. Semi-private transport such as school buses and taxis will be exempt from the new measures.


SOT, Spokesperson for Deutsche Bahn (German): “We have started conducting random checks on our trains and our control and security staff report a high level of acceptance for the new 3G regulation on the part of our passengers.

The passengers are very well informed they have their proofs ready and in the next few days we will carry out the random checks on 400 connections by well-positioned personnel, 4,200 employees of DB Security will be deployed in addition to some 5,000 of DB’s staff and also companies that we commission for such checks in the trains on local services, i.e. on S-Bahn, Regional-express and regional trains.

We are obliged to do this by law, but it is also our contribution to fighting this fourth wave of the pandemic.

We have already done a good job under difficult conditions in the past months and want to continue to do so.

But we also rely on our passengers to help us fight the pandemic, and this includes proving that you have been tested vaccinated, or recovered.”

If anyone in Germany reads this site, maybe they could consider getting a dilapidated old bus, maybe a school bus or even an old minivan, paint it yellow with blue star of davids on it, and offer rides to the unvaxxed.

Thank you all who visited and contributed to this site today, and some very robust discussion on some of its items.

Fair enough. The stakes are very high. Still, though, better to refrain from insults wherever possible. Generally speaking this site really frowns on direct personal attacks made on other users.

In closing:

One thing this site has talked about but not emphasized enough, is the difference between policy and actual effects of the thing for which the policy is made.

Some of this entire Covid debacle has centred around a number of rhetorical tricks. One of which is setting brutal policies that killed lots of people, and listing those deaths as due to Covid, and not the policies set in place allegedly due to Covid, thusly giving impetus for more draconian policy. A self sustaining feedback loop up to where there is so much attrition that it just doesn’t work anymore. By this point many of us will know someone who died of something other than covid, yet it was listed as a Covid death.

Andrew Bostom of Rhode Island managed to get the chief medical policy person there to admit under oath that people who died of a gunshot wound to the head are counted as covid deaths so long as they have a positive PCR. In Ottawa, I have heard that its possible to be a covid death, just if the test had not come back from the lab by the time the patient died, in the case I am thinking of, from heart failure predicted months before.

The fact that the vaccines, ALL of them, were called “safe and effective” and governments like Canada told its people to rush out and get whatever they could get right away, and slowly as some were pulled off the market for being unsafe, they went from “make sure both shots are the same” to, “We are proud of our mixed dose strategy”.

Without being a scientist or doctor, I can know this to be an internal and axiomatic truth:

This thing is safe:

It has been tested properly and rigorously under laboratory and with actual animals and volunteers using the highest standards as set by science and law

This thing is not safe:

It has not been tested by the standards above and the real safety of it is not known at this time.

This thing is unsafe:

We have enough data to know that any benefit it offers is more than offset by the harm it does.

When the vaccines were initially made available it was under emergency measures of questionable justification and they were said to be “Safe and effective”. Both those things where lies. At that time we did not know if they were unsafe and ineffective, which at this point looks clear that they are, but we knew they could not know at that time if they were safe and effective. Which means that we do know they lied.

We also knew for a fact that they censored any doctor who offered any way out of the emergency or the disease with actual safe treatments their own practices had shown were effective. The safe was a given since the medicines had been around for decades and one of them earned a Nobel Prize for medicine and is still a stratgic material for many governments to have. Yet governments made it illegal for doctors and pharmacists to get it to people who had a disease so dangerous that all of civilization was stopped lest we spread it to each other.

People who were resourceful enough, found that the veterinary version of Ivermectin, was the same exact medication and managed to get it online for which MSM mocked them for using “horse dewormer”.

Think of it like making it illegal for certain groups of people to go to a grocery store or food store, and then mock them for dumpster diving. Because that is exactly what the Big-pharma, media government conglomerate did.

Given that many deadly and cynical lies being all we are permitted to hear, and dare I add, some governments like the remarkably unskilled and unaccomplished, Jacinda Ardern, made it clear that the public should listen to no one but her and her officials, as “the single source of truth”, we have more than enough reason to listen to pretty much anyone else that we haven’t already established is lying to us, or being paid off by Big Pharma. This site attempts to give a platform to many of these doctors, scientists, journalists and independent thinkers as much as possible, trusting that readers have the skills to determine for themselves what is true. After all, that is the very basis of self government. Provide the best information you can, and hope people make the best use of it for themselves, and consequently our civilization.

This means it won’t always be right. But its better to have the chance to hear people like Front Line Doctors, who Google suppress to a degree that is probably criminal in the 1st amendment sense, and doctors like Peter McCullough and Roger Hodkinson and so many more who’s actual medical and scientific skills, as well as their experience put them furlongs ahead of corrupt and cynical bureaucrats that increasingly have taken control over the most personal aspects of our lives.

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  1. #5 Over the next hours, they had many experiences as they sought an explanation for what was happening and looked for refuge. They reached a checkpoint on a road. At that location there was a truck with “On to Jerusalem” written on the side. Jews were being loaded onto that truck. Its destination was certainly not Jerusalem. A policeman stopped the car at the checkpoint. As he peered into the car, he said “Oh, it’s you. Go ahead.” By luck, the policeman was someone my grandmother knew. He had the odd matching name of Karl Karl. Anyone else would have detained them. They drove on.
    They drove to Stuttgart.

  2. #5: this is extremely important.

    The importance of this cannot be stressed enough.

    As the global price of gas is going through the roof, it will soon become nearly impossible for middle class families to operate their vehicles for anything but really short distance trips. It will simply be too expensive to have more than 1 car per family, perhaps extended family, as it was when I grew up behind the Iron Curtain.

    So, people will be forced to use public transit to travel, well, anywhere.

    But, public transit is government provided and controlled (as we have seen the Covid crisis bankrupt the private city-to-city transport companies). This is not an accident – it is a feature.

    And now, non-vaxxed people will become banned from all public transit. Slowly, but surely…as is already the case in Germany, Austria, Ontario and other jurisdictions. This will deny the unvaxxed the freedom of movement, without calling it that.

    Add to that the push for total elimination of gas powered cars in favour of electric ones, that are 100% trackable and controllable by ‘the authorities’…because of ‘potential theft’, they can brick your electric car (or very electronic car) at their whim.

    ‘When The West was won’, horse-stealing was one of the most serious crimes…precisely because it was the embodiment of freedom to travel. Yes, limited to its place and time, but freedom of movement nonetheless.

    So, what do you think is happening when private travel will become out of reach of most of us due to the cost of fuel, or fully trackable and ‘brickable’, or be reliant on government controlled public transit which only one class of people can use?

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