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  1. https://ballotpedia.org/Chesa_Boudin_recall,_San_Francisco,_California_(2021-2022)
    The first recall effort was started by Richie Greenberg, who previously ran for mayor as a Republican. The second recall effort was led by a pair of Democratic activists “seeking to prevent the recall effort against District Attorney Chesa Boudin from being framed as a conservative power grab,” according to The San Francisco Examiner.[6]

    #1 Recall organizers had until August 11, 2021, to submit at least 51,325 valid signatures to put the recall election on the ballot.[3][4] There were about 49,600 signatures gathered at the time of the deadline.[5]
    #2 There were about 83,000 signatures submitted at the time of the deadline.[8] Director of Elections John Arntz announced on November 9, 2021, that there were enough valid signatures to put the recall election on the ballot.[1]

  2. “DA Boudin is COMMITTED TO PUBLIC SAFETY, and to reforming the criminal justice system to provide safety, justice, and fairness for all San Franciscans.[13]”
    — Boudin’s statement of defense for the second recall effort was filed on May 5, 2021.[10]

  3. as referred to at minute 34
    “My sense is the strong presumption would be that the city of Oroville does not have the power to do this, I see this primarily as a gesture,” [UC Davis law professor] Pruitt said.
    THIS = to not enforce “any executive orders that … clearly violate our constitutionally protected rights.”

    11.16.2021 Oroville City Council Meeting “Thank you for declaring the constitutional republic uh let’s hopefully now we can start making some real change i know we’ve made quite national attention”

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