Germany to follow Austria in locking down all its unvaxxed: Links 2, November 17, 2021

1. Adverse reporting for the vaxx in Australia is so busy they can’t answer your call

(This is likely a two pronged attack. Its likely true that they are overwhelmed with calls. But its also true that by doing this, they can register far far fewer calls. So they can manipulate/lie about the stats by all the calls they didn’t take.)

2. Randy Hillier officially launches the Ontario version of Maxime Bernier’s federal party, the PPC.

(This may be Ontario’s only hope. As great as the one New Blue party MPP/MLA is, the party doesn’t appear to be willing or able to work with others for the greater good. Let’s hope all the politicians who oppose the communist reformatting of Ontario and Canada can combine forces and get the job done.)

3. Testimonies of both vaxx damage and the fact that authorities will NOT take reports of said damage are legion. But they must not be ignored just because they are being silenced. This is why when ‘celebrities’ come out with their own stories we must amplify them. Not because celebrities are more important, but because there is nothing in it for them to lie. Usually its costly for them to tell the truth. And more people will pay attention. I suspect Pat Cash is a known quantity in Australia. Tennis pro actually.

4. Germany to follow Austria’s lockdown apartheid: Berlin considers new Covid restrictions for 14million unvaccinated citizens after Vienna banned those without jabs from leaving their homes

Germany is planning new Covid restrictions for 14 million unvaccinated citizens as it battles soaring coronavirus cases, mirroring a health apartheid imposed in Austria.

The country is battling a ferocious fourth wave of coronavirus and recorded 32,048 new infections on Tuesday, a rise of 47 per cent compared to a week ago, as well as another 265 deaths.  

The incoming Social Democrat (SDP) government today warned that unvaccinated people will be barred from going to work and travelling on public transport.  

he new government will also recommend that everyone should work from home unless they have a ‘compelling business reason’.

‘This is actually a lockdown for the unvaccinated,’ said Dirk Wiese, the deputy head of the SPD parliamentary group. Around 14 million Germans eligible to be vaccinated have not taken up the offer. 

(It’s almost like Florida, Texas, Sweden and a dozen and a half other locations which put in no measures and no vaxx mandates don’t exist. because their numbers are BETTER than the places that do all this. Additional: Israel has now included people who recovered from Covid10 as having immunity for 6 months. That isn’t good enough, but its a step in the direction of science. So if an unvaccinated Israeli can show an antibody test from Covid 19, then they get a 6 month pass to be normal as if they were fully vaxxed. Hopefully by then people will revolt and end all this.)

Thank you Miss Piggy, M., Yucki, EB., ET., Johnny U., PC., Michelle, and MANY more who are holding the line.

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