Collectivism: Take the shot even though you don’t want it and it may harm you cause the group matters more than you- Links 1, November 15, 2021

1. Question: Are the authorities taking the Covid tests and starting a data base with your DNA?

Are people who think they are total paranoids?

Yes. No.

2. Inflation Gaslighting Has Begun

“There is no inflation” has quickly become “inflation is good for you.”

Remember when all the ‘experts,’ including the head of the Bank of Canada and most top politicians said inflation wasn’t really happening?

Talking about inflation was ‘disinformation’ and a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Once it became obvious that inflation was so prevalent that it couldn’t be dismissed, the talking point became that it was ‘transitory.’

Those who pushed back against the ‘transitory’ claim were then again dismissed as people spreading ‘disinformation.’

We were supposed to listen to the so-called experts, like the Bank of Canada Governor.

But then, with inflation continuing to rise, even the Bank of Canada had to admit that it wasn’t ‘transitory’.

In a pathetic word game, the BOC Governor claimed inflation was now ‘transitory but not short-lived’.

What is the idea behind all this deception, and all the attempts by the government to have us deny what is right in front of us?

3. Fauci explains why the collective is more important than the individual, and he is the one who should decide what is in the interests of the collective

4. So now they want to change the name from “booster” to something that allows for infinite repeats.

5. One of the THOUSAND calls reporting adverse Vaxx events that Randy Hillier received

Thank you all for your contributions. They are deeply appreciated. Both people who have contributed to the site’s operating costs, and people’s ideas, links and analysis.

I may have mentioned it the other day, but the TV series on Hulu, Dopesick is quite a watch. One starts to think that Mexican Drug cartels have a lot more integrity than these companies. After all, they don’t force you to take them, and they don’t lie about their products. They don’t claim to cure you of anything or solve a problem. And they don’t work with governments to make you take their products or lose your home, family and friends. In fact with Mexican drug cartel products, you lose all that stuff if you DO take them. But you don’t have to.

If you have the opportunity to watch the show, please feel free to leave a comment. Especially with any connections you see to what is taking place now with Pfizer and Microsoft/ModeRNA gene therapy.


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10 Replies to “Collectivism: Take the shot even though you don’t want it and it may harm you cause the group matters more than you- Links 1, November 15, 2021”

  1. SOMETHING SO STRANGE happened today. This is not a fish story.

    I was out for a short time doing my grocery and pharma shopping. Sheesh!!

    Look, there was nobody as I was approaching at the on-special fish and I turned my head as I was looking elsewhere en route to the fish department.

    And, out of the blue, this man was there. I can’t explain it. You’ll all think I am crazy but it happened this afternoon.

    Three fish species, Pegasus, Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout.

    The man had a face mask but it was on his chin. I looked at him, I made the OK sign, congratulated him, and I brought my mask down from my nose to below my chin. People walking around said nothing.

    He pointed toward the Pegasus with a NO sign, he then pointed to the Rainbow trout as a Yes. By then, I had looked at him and said “I know” about the Pegasus and was holding the salmon.

    He said to me “We will be seeing each other”.

    I was thinking I would like to know this man. And then, he was gone. Disappeared in an eyeblink. I can’t explain it.

      • Look, I am NOT making up this story. Up till now, I am up and awake and wondering what happened.

        The man was about 4″ taller than me (eye level). Receding white hair. Ageless face aka no wrinkles. Strange, but no emotion although a smile. Few words but I did see a ‘neutral’ but friendly smile in his eyes.

        His words “We will be seeing each other”, and he disappeared. Between his words, me holding the fish, and his disappearance as he left (I didn’t see him leave) was about 30 seconds and that was when I turned my head to answer him and there was nothing.


        P.S.: what I will do: I’ll call the store and ask them to see the camera tape because in that area there is a camera, it is a main aisle. And I have the approximate time. And I will see myself and who or what I was talking to while people were passing by. a

        AND it is not a fish story. It started with a MASK story via a fish aisle. I am still wondering what happening, who this individual was because I would like to know him.

        • Sassy, I want to understand what make that moment significant for you. Is it merely that a man (who might be an angel) appeared before you and spoke something cryptic? Is it the fish selection (not being a big fish consumer, never heard of pegasus)? Was it that he was brave enough to wear his mask on his chin?

          Where I am, 30%-40% of the idiots still wear them, I never have except at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get my DL renewed, bastards! People chat with strangers in the grocery store.

          Of course, none of it’s my business. But I do believe in angels, fish and the kindness of strangers.

          • AMY – & Eeyore & Johnnyu: I kept this link because it bothered me so much, I couldn’t understand what had happened. I was thinking an angel. The man had very vibrant light blue eyes, the likes of which I’ve never seen. And a very soothing presence and voice.

            THAT SAID, I am replying now because I went back to the store today. I had no specialty bread left, the only one I eat and no bananas and whatever everything missing that I need for my everyday food. I haven’t left the house since the last shopping trip.

            ANOTHER STRANGE event of a disappearing man. I needed apples also. There was a sale of 4-lb Gala apples in a big bin. I was looking at them, picking the bags up, and suddenly a man is next to me and says a few nice soft and happy words. So friendly, eyes and voice also. And then, he’s gone.

            No blue eyes but the same height as the blue eyes. This time, brown eyes/hair with a face mask but a really nice soothing voice like the first one.

            I examined the apples in the bags and selected one bag. And I went to the checkout counter, my cart second in line.

            I left my cart there for a few minutes and went to explore the frozen counter behind me. And suddenly, the man shows up. He tells me to check my apples, I have Spartan and only the Galas are on sale and they’ve mixed other types of apples. I thanked him with much respect.

            And yes, I had Spartan and not Gala. So, I turned around to thank him looking at the aisle behind me and he was gone. I replaced the apples and quickly roamed the aisles, no sign of him.

            This is more than a story of apples and fish. People can laugh all they want. I don’t care. It is happening to me. Smiling strangers suddenly appearing next to me and disappearing, and they help me out. What to say?

            My only answer would be a friendly spirit, but why bother with fish and apples other than to establish contact with a human?

            I’ll keep this going for the next time it happens. Cheers everybody. SMILE. Bedtime.

  2. #2: This is happening in Europe too.
    The ECB has been printing euros for years now, in order to prop up the Greek economy.
    It’s an economic sleight of hand to indirectly tax the europeans’ wealth, because .prices go up while wages stagnate. Governments massage the numbers so they can claim purchasing power remains the same (they include the prices of irrelevant goods like TFT screens, golf balls etc). Meanwhile housing prices are going through the roof.. in the Netherlands for example, average appreciation is over 300 euros/day.
    Ultimately it comes down to solving a debt crisis by creating more debt, just as the US has been doing for many years now. It works for them because the dollar is used worldwide to trade bulk goods, so the US inflation is exported (imperial tax). The euro doesn’t work that way.

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