Retired Merseyside Police officer works actual solution to Covid/Vaxx measures, heckled by agent provocateurs

This is a difficult one to write. Retired RCMP officer, David Dickson speaks in Alberta about his efforts to bring forced mRNA injections and lockdown matters to court in a way which will actually be effective. Being an RCMP officer, he has some understanding about how this might happen.

David is not a great speaker. This is not riveting. It is slow, methodical, and deliberate the way one might imagine an effective bureaucrat might be. So it requires some focus as it’s not a sexy video.

The first thing he covers is that the legal challenges so far according to David, by the various lawyers who even take this on, are based on more showmanship than legal merit. Any constitutional challenges to the mandates, either lockdowns or mRNA injections, are designed to fail. A constitutional challenge he indicates, has to be heard in the Supreme Court, and that would take years, and none of them will likely ever get there. And he asserts, the lawyers charging large to file them, know all this. He calls out one specifically who I think is with the JCCF. Which is very unfortunate if David’s claims are accurate. because it means the only law-firm that has been doing real work for human rights in Canada, i mean actual human rights, is fluffing off this issue.

Then Chris Sky and some of his entourage comes over to heckle him while he is speaking. Its very difficult to know why Chris Sky would be so belligerent to someone who is working for the same goals. There can be more than one vector of attack to a problem. Its curious that a person who is championing one method, and selling books and T shirts etc. to help do so, would be attacking a fellow traveler.

There is tons of speculation out there about all this with all sorts of spy terminology floating around. But one thing we can say with certainty.

While the federal Liberals and NDP are basically united as a single party, anyone who opposes these tyrannical measures is in chaos. Whether its by secret government agents in our ranks, (highly probable) or just incompetence, poor judgment or personality disorders (also highly probable and not mutually exclusive) we are rendered impotent.

The case of the Ontario parties, New Blue and the new Ontario provincial branch of Maxime Bernier’s CCP, headed by the tireless soldier for freedom, Randy Hillier is another example. The acrimony between these entities is scary. And the accusations are the same. The fact is, these people need to create a united front to fight an existential threat to Canada itself and its people. This is not small town corruption here. This is of a magnitude that defies adjectives.

But if you read the Twitter feed, good and less good people alike are hurling preposterous accusations against Randy for one. Suddenly everyone is secretly working for the enemy. And maybe some are.

But what a great opportunity to show they aren’t by making an arrangement and creating an option for Ontarians and Canadians alike who are desperate for a team to support that actually represents their interests instead of the globalist/communist/totalitarian wave that is sweeping the West and Anglosphere in particular.

Try and make it to the end of this video. I hope for some clarity in the comments.

Gotta say, its discouraging to see how badly our side is defeating itself, if indeed all players on the field in our uniforms, are on our side.

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