As people get more vaccinated, more lockdowns come into play: Links 1, November 13, 2021

1. List of nations and territories moving the wrong way with Covid policies

A summary of today’s developments

2. Wall of Honour for veterans vandalized with COVID-19 graffiti on Remembrance Day in Cranbrook

3. So. How does the other half think? I know we are bombarded by the narrative enemy propaganda night and day, but this one is special. Its from The Atlantic, which is Democrat party policy propaganda for the smarter than average. Try and count the virtue signals in this one.

4. South African physician on Covid treatment, and and the purpose behind the spike protien

5. Melbourne appears to have had about enough. The question is, like Egypt a couple of times recently, is there enough of the public on the street to get the police and armed forces to turn the guns around? It sure looks like it. Andrews belongs behind bars. Electrified ones.

4 hour video from the protest in Melbourne

(Open an anonymous window to Youtube using Duckduckgo to see this without identifying yourself to our Google overlords. Alt location for Melbourne protest videos here)

5. The Hague Netherlands: Protests over newest lockdowns

Thank you Johnny U., EB., ET., Mad W., Sassy, M. and all who contributed to this effort this weekend so far.


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