Sorry, light posting today but lots planned for this week coming

Lots and lots of interviews and filming and material gathered today and a couple of more stories about enemy propaganda that still has the temerity to call itself, “Media journalism”.

Will get to it all starting tomorrow.

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  1. You deserve a break. IMHO, your blog is among the most professional and you cover a variety of critical issues of our time. I don’t know how you do it and still manage to remain mentally and psychologically stable.

    That said, the high number of males who are dying or drop dead post-vaxx is frightening. And the media aren’t covering it. Athletes, sports figures… all very healthy males. I don’t understand a young male who would submit to it in the name of freedom.

    Sadly this is yet another case of surrendering to the enemy. Mr. Kazmarek knew there was some sort of sinister agenda happening with these shots. But he took the shots anyway because someone or something convinced him that injections equal freedom. Physically strong does not equal mentally tough. And sadly we’re seeing that play out in 2021 as so many big, physically strong men (see NFL players, NHL players, NBA players, etc.) are succumbing to this psy-op.

    We’re at war as a human species. Men fight the wars. That’s why the powers-that-be have put forth such great effort emasculating men over the last two decades. If there’s nobody to fight against them, the agendas are easy to execute. And that’s where we’re at in 2021. Let’s just hope there are enough real men left to fight the real war when the time comes.

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