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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. What kind of man is Dear Leader?

    I ask because he presents himself as a one-dimensional puzzle. I look at everything going on in Dystopia, and with my beginner’s mind ask why. I now ask the question for answers, because everywhere else there are mendacious lies and propaganda. We walk in an information battle field, and he is the captain.

    From a blueprinted pandemic we are living a tragic drama on a scale akin to an invisible world war. No person can avoid this drama and there are no winners. I look at my children and wonder what will become of them. I can only do so much. I wonder if they will be able to resist the invasion of mandated body snatching forever, whether they take the injections, or not. How will they build their lives in the so-called New World Order? What kind of life will they have if they lose this game of Russian roulette? Will they find unvaxxed partners, or will a new kind of “mixed marriage” be created? Will their bodies have greater market value for being unvaxxed, or less? What have they to look forward to in the bleak vista our generation presents to them? What kind of heartless monster endeavors to rip the hearts from their futures?

    Dear Leader.

    A good man does not torture innocent civilians. He does not atomize his society–cleaving, then splitting it again and again until every unit of friends, family, and good society is divided by his mentacide, sliced and shattered into a cowed collective.

    He leverages control by mandating experimental medicine. The epic argument between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed is a truck stop to the takeover rolling past waving bye-bye to the freedoms we knew.

    If the medicine doesn’t get you maybe the worry, isolation, unemployment, confusion, divorce or another policy side-effect will. People are losing faith in medicine and trust in doctors. I bet many will wonder, even, about the nature and safety of this year’s regular flu vaccine. Why, just yesterday I heard on the radio a public service announcement stating the virus had caused a large increase in violence against women. Imagine, then, every fashion of cynical opportunist that jumps on this medical bandwagon by conveniently omitting the government pandemic policies that are the real culprit.

    There can be no peace within the revolution Dear Leader is trying to pull off. People around us who pretend to be peaceful are either acting, or denying the obvious. Either way their normalcy bias fools only themselves. This flock of stupified sheep may vaguely sense its duty as the body of counter-revolution, but one whose kinetic energy has been stalled by fear and uncertainty. The slightest twitch from this stance will start a healthy stampede like a giant’s awakening. Hopefully this is happening now.

    We know Dear Leader’s revolution is intentional. He said so multiple times. He called his country post-national early on. By this he could only have meant he wanted to create something that came after this nation. What did he mean, exactly? Our legacy media, well paid for, never chose to corner him on this. He also said he admired Chinese communism, an admission the femaled audience applauded. I think he did more than tip his hand here.

    I have a surprisingly hard time picturing him without seeing his smug smile. Smug says more than smug intends. Smug overstates its credentials. It is prideful, and therefore more fragile than it lets on. Smug reveals delicate, unattractive and unwanted architecture. It lets slip animus the clever man does not.

    Confidence, conversely, grows over time in the man who overcomes adversity, allowing him to courageously stand alone without seeking approval. Genuine confidence is the lion’s domain. This uncommon quality I consider almost the opposite of smug. Dear Leader has not lived a life beyond privilege. Born to name and wealth, he was once caught on a hot mic telling his wife, “…I fight…and I win…”. What exactly have you fought for, little boy, and what have you won? Your privilege and pedestal stole the challenges that would have delivered your manhood. You are left a feminized shell of a person inside of which there are few redeeming qualities, for if true goodness existed within you it would push your conscience from this shell to stop the cruelty you are now inflicting.

    I use the word feminized not to disparage women, but to capture the slippery sentiment of collectivism. It is an illusion of allusion to kinder, gentler behavior in the name of a “greater good” that is supposed to resemble the best, nurturing quality of females. Every tyrant of modern times has disingenuously evoked the “greater good” in order to steal support while perpetrating the most ruthless crimes against the free radical–the autonomous individual. Dear Leader plays this con to the hilt. Nowadays we hear the common refrain from good people who say, “…well, I did my part…,” by getting injected. Well, no, you may think you did, but you’ve only served this most corrosive agenda of yet another collectivist fraud. You were fooled. You did not stop any pandemic. And for those who were motivated by convenience, well, you should have thought twice. Many did and, in yet another historical manifestation of the scapegoated “Other”, are wrongly blamed for the mess we are in.

    My assessment of smug may be overstated, but for me it occupies a particularly despicable place. It enables exceptional meanness. And given that smugness hints at uncertainty in oneself, it needs a hand to hold. The octopus hands Dear Leader holds are different from his. They are smarter, sneakier, self-serving hands, gleeful for their bounty in creating such a doughboy dupe. They are Freeland and Butts hands flattering for favour while gorging themselves on their own power and privilege. They laugh at his stupidity behind his back because he is their dim-witted golden goose. He sees this, but refuses to acknowledge it because to do so would bring down the house of cards that is forever him. Besides, his exceptional ego craves flattery, and his ego has always sought stage. When no stage is handy his ego seeks it in obsequious women and men who whore it to him in good trade. In fact, he probably has come to the point where he no longer even cares if any stage is sincere, so long as it is there for him. He is despicable for his vapid vanity. Every stage knows what he is, and every stage is him.

    No stone of Dear Leader can be turned without finding, now, a story that ends tragically for Dystopians. He has sought greatness in all the wrong places from the shadow of a failed father. He was always destined to fail.

    I don’t know where you are taking this country, mein Herr, but any Shangri-La George Soros and your other puppeteers have told you about doesn’t exist, so I can say with confidence that you can’t get there from here. Freedom in your mind is jewelry you jangle on display to increasingly desperate people. Its cheap glass gems will fall to the mud after you’ve coerced them into neo-feudal servitude.

    Every style of collectivist tyranny has withered on history’s vine of doing it right this time. Every communist I have ever met bleated this acid-washed refrain. This sad chapter, too, shall pass, but not before we suffer mass casualties.

    What kind of man is Dear Leader? He is a boy in a bubble, egged on by paid sycophants, eager to please and to be pleased. Loving most his costumes, he hides like an imp in proverbial lederhosen, bitter and baited by promises of his own father’s unrealized reich, ripe for failure.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • The vaccinated’s immune system turns on itself.

      FDA says virus sheds.

      When Dr. Faultci spoke of the coming “dark winter”, was he warning the unvaxed they are at risk from the vaxed?

      The Globe and Mail, a once honourable read runs the daily number of new cases, has it occurred to them they might increase their readership if they told the other side of this great plandemic?
      i.e. Headline
      The Virus Does not cause Covid, The Vaccine Is Causing Covid
      Many Young Children Have Been Injured For Life From The Injection

      Our Not So Truthful OR Caring Society Has Reduced The Young People To A Number

      VARES # 1815096 13 year old girl from Maryland, dead after 1st injection.

      VARES # 1815295 17 year old girl from Texas, dead after hyperglycaemic crisis.

      VARES # 1784945 12 year old girl from South Carolina, died of respiratory tract hemorrhage after first Pfizer injection

      VARES # 1764974 15 year old boy dies 6 days after first Pfizer injection – autopsy- a rare but lethal blood disorder, mild elevated cardiac mass……..

      VARES # 1757635 16 year old girl complained of fatigue and died one day after Pfizer injection

      What Will The New World Order’s Great Reset New Bioweapon Be?
      Marburg? Will Anyone Survive? Will madmen Gates, Schwartz, Soros, Sachs, Carney, Trudeau, Macron, Andrews, Obiden……..

  2. November 7 2021 Iraqi prime minister survives assassination attempt with drones at his home
    Embattled Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi survived an assassination attempt that saw armed drones descend on his Baghdad home on Sunday morning, according to Iraqi officials.
    The attack drastically escalates tensions between al-Kadhimi’s government and Iran-backed Shiite militias, who have refused to accept last month’s parliamentary election results.
    Seven of al-Kadhimi’s security guards were injured when two armed drones attacked in the capital’s heavily defended Green Zone, two Iraqi officials told The Associated Press.
    “I am fine and among my people. Thank God,” the prime minister tweeted shortly after the attack, calling for national restraint “for the sake of Iraq.”
    He later appeared on Iraqi television, seated behind a desk in a white shirt, urging Iraqis to remain calm.
    “Cowardly rocket and drone attacks don’t build homelands and don’t build a future,” he said.
    The Iraqi government said that a drone loaded with explosives tried to hit the PM’s home. Baghdad residents heard the sound of an explosion followed by heavy gunfire from the Green Zone, where foreign embassies and government offices are located.
    U.S. officials have condemned the attack.
    “This apparent act of terrorism, which we strongly condemn, was directed at the heart of the Iraqi state,” said State Department spokesperson Ned Price.
    “We are in close touch with the Iraqi security forces charged with upholding Iraq’s sovereignty and independence and have offered our assistance as they investigate this attack,” he added.
    Al-Kadhimi, 54, had previously held the position of Iraq’s intelligence chief before he ascended to prime minister last May. Militias consider him to be close to the United States as he tries to maintain alliances with both the US and Iran.
    No organization immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Supporters of pro-Iran and Shiite militias have been dug in outside of the capital’s Green Zone for nearly a month following the Oct. 10 elections in which they lost two-thirds of their seats. They’ve threatened violence if their demand for a recount is denied.
    The elections were praised as fair by the US and the UN Security Council, and claims of voter fraud have been unsubstantiated.
    On Friday, demonstrators tried to enter the Green Zone, leading to an exchange of gunfire in which one protester sided with the militias was killed. Dozens of security forces were also injured.
    Powerful militia leaders blamed al-Kadhimi for the violence.
    “The blood of martyrs is to hold you accountable,” said Qais al-Khazali, leader of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia, at a funeral held for the protester Saturday. “The protesters only had one demand against fraud in elections. Responding like this (with live fire) means you are the first responsible for this fraud.”

  3. October 11 2021 Iraqis nab ISIS finance chief with $5 million bounty on his head
    Iraqi forces captured a top member of ISIS who was known to manage the terror group’s money, the country’s prime minister announced Monday.
    Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said on Twitter that Sami Jasim al-Jaburi had been collared in a “complex external operation.” Though al-Kadhimi did not give the precise location where al-Jaburi had been nabbed, a senior Iraqi military source told AFP he had been arrested in Turkey.
    It was not immediately clear whether the Turkish government knew of the Iraqi operation or was involved in it.
    Air Force Lt. Col. Joel Harper, a spokesman for the US-led coalition to defeat ISIS, declined to comment on the operation, but praised “our brave Iraqi partners as they regularly lead and conduct destructive blows to the remnants” of the brutal terror group, according to Reuters.
    The US government had offered up to $5 million in exchange for information leading to al-Jaburi’s arrest. The State Department’s Rewards for Justice program described him on its website as “a senior leader” of ISIS, “a legacy member” of its predecessor Al Qaeda in Iraq, and “instrumental in managing finances for ISIS’s terrorist operations.”
    After ISIS overran large swathes of Syria and Iraq in 2014, the State Department says, al-Jaburi acted as its “finance minister” — directing the sale of oil, natural gas, minerals and antiquities on the black market. He was labeled a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the Treasury Department in September 2015.
    Al-Jaburi is also believed to have been a close associate of the late ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who blew himself up in 2019 when US forces raided his hideout in northwestern Syria. According to Reuters, al-Jaburi is only the second senior ISIS leader to be taken alive — making him a potential treasure trove of information about the group’s capabilities and ambitions in its post-Baghdadi state.
    “He is involved in the day to day operations of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, so strategically and tactically, this is a significant capture for the Iraqis,” Hassan Hassan, editor-in-chief of New Lines Magazine and an ISIS expert, told Reuters.
    Western military officials estimate that ISIS still has at least 10,000 fighters across Iraq and Syria, most of them in remote areas. While the Iraqi government declared victory over ISIS in December 2017, the group has continued to carry out attacks on police and military installations, killing dozens in the past year.

  4. Remember when Justine and Dunce Ford told the grandmothers and grandfathers “If you want to see your grandchildren, you must get vaccinated, now they say “If you want to see your grandmother and grandfather, you must get the vaccination”

    Now if you want to keep your job, if you want a life, if you want to eat, you must get the injection. Shameful, commie bastards, I hope to see them, the health officials, all the collaborators hang.

    God help us and save the children, from the coward, fearmongers.

    • After being denied service at two restaurants yesterday, it got me thinking.

      The science used to claim that Jews are unclean and did not deserve the same rights as Aryans or whatnot in Nazi occupied and sympathetic territories, is about as solid as the idea that the unvaccinated are a threat to those who took the vaccine. How dare they even use that word, by the way, where vaccine means protects you from a disease that others may carry.

      In any case, the science is about the same. And while so far, the results are not as extreme, no gulags, death camps, slave labour etc. so yes, the comparison on one level is ludicrous and insulting once you move the ball down the road. But in the direct aspect that businesses, say for instance the Legion halls for Veterans, are refusing service to vets, many of whom are wounded at the request of their country, inwardly I want to ask myself, if the government told them not to serve Jews, would they shrug and say its not our fault. The government told us we have to do this?

      Again, the quality of science is the same. Which is to say there is none. This is about governments inventing a narrative, then a consensus, then enforcing that consensus with, how does Trudeau and Op Lockstep put it? “an all of government response”

      So those of you who did not take the shot in Ontario, go out and politely try and get served even at a fast food joint. Its quite a feeling. By kind to the staff. Not because they are in the right or “have no choice” but for the moral high ground.

      Then try and find a place that believes in equal treatment for all. There are a few. And they are heroes.

      • twitter @MerissaHansen17

        They are trying to make you accept things that do not make sense.

        Case and point: :

        If you value your health and you’re fully vaccinated with Pfizer of AstraZeneca, you probably don’t want to be sitting down to eat among people who might have COVID-19, nor breathing the same air in an art gallery

      • Yes, and the people in Ontario who have been vaccinated, ask yourself who cares more about you, the government or your siblings and stop being so dammed, childish, self centred, and absolutely cruel to your family members who made the decision not to take the injection. Try and think down the road, if you get sick, who will care about you – – the government?

        Hundreds of thousands of people who have suffered terrible vaccine injuries, now are trying to tell you what has happened to them, how the government health officials have been quick to tell them “It is all in their heads” and left them stranded.

    • CBC – Are governments prioritizing freedom of unvaccinated people over safety of patients?

      ( 11 min 41 )

      Earlier this week, Ontario and Quebec backtracked on vaccine mandates for health-care workers.

      The Sunday Conversation delves into whether governments are prioritizing the freedom of the unvaccinated over the safety of sick patients.

    • sky news UK – Why is COVID surging in Ireland despite high vaccine uptake?

      Waterford, in south-eastern Ireland, epitomises the country’s coronavirus conundrum. Why is there a surge in COVID-19 in a nation where around 92% of adults are fully vaccinated?

      A huge 99.5% of over-18s in Co Waterford are double-jabbed, but the easing of restrictions and increased travel are thought to be contributing to high infection rates.

      Speaking to Sky News,Immunologist Professor Luke O’Neill also added that the “primary goal” of jabs is to “stop illness and death” – not to eradicate the virus.

    • Deutsche Pravda – Austrians rush to get vaccinated as COVID cases surge

      Austrians have been rushing to get COVID-19 vaccinations before strict new rules come into force.

      Health authorities in Austria have registered a record number of nearly ten thousand new infections in a single day.

      All over Austria, people are thronging to get jabbed.

      Long lines in front of Covid-19 vaccination centers, even busses converted into makeshift inoculation facilities.

      From Monday, anyone not at least partially vaccinated or recovered from a coronavirus infection is barred from entering cafes, restaurants or hair salons. In a month’s time, they’ll need to be fully vaccinated.

      Around 64 percent of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated. That is below the average in Western Europe, and not enough to prevent a surge in coronavirus cases.

      Intensive care units are filling up fast.

      Increased immunity is seen as the only way to avoid another deadly wave of the pandemic.

  5. twitter @ggreenwald

    Good morning. I’d like to make 3 points:

    1) The vast majority of disinformation, propaganda and lies that flooded the country over the last 5 years did not come from MAGA boomers on Facebook or 4Chan teenagers but the largest and most influential liberal corporate media outlets.

    2) These are not cases where media outlets erred. They deliberately lied. The way to know that is they refuse to acknowledge evidence proving they lied.

    Remember they just *ignored* @SchreckReports ‘ book proving the Biden emails were real. Now this:
    And still nothing about Danchenko from the website that released the Steele dossier to the world. This is journalistic arson :

    Your search danchenko -did not match any documents.

    Suggestions :

    – Make sure all words are spelled correctly


    3) By far the best and most accurate reporting on all matters relating to Russiagate came not from the liberal corporate outlets that want to censor the internet in the name of disinformation or which shower themselves with Pulitzers for lies, but from the right-wing press.


    twitter @ScottAdamsSays

    The Trump administration is largely defined by three great hoaxes:

    Russia Collusion Hoax
    Fine People Hoax
    Drinking Bleach Hoax

    I’ll bet 100% of Democrats still believe at least one of the hoaxes even today. Watch the comments for “But…but…that really happened!”


  6. Here’s the real reason Comirnaty is not available

    It’s all about liability. It will magically become available when the vaccine for children is fully approved, not before.

    The reason Comirnaty isn’t available is because those shots would expose the company to liability since the fully-licensed product doesn’t have the liability waiver of the EUA product.

    But once the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved in kids, then Pfizer gets liability waiver on all age groups due to a “feature” in federal law for child vaccines (NCVIA). At that time, they are done. They can market the COVID vaccine products under full approval for all age groups and face no liability when it kills or disables you.

    This is why they are focused on the kids. This is why there is a reformulation at a 1/3 dose and they changed the buffer and the storage conditions (low temperatures not required). All of these will weaken the protection, but result in a safer vaccine (since it is ineffective).

    But for the clinical trials on the 5-11 year olds, they did not use the formulation they approved in the meeting. This is known as bait and switch. So they used a more effective vaccine to show efficacy (in the trials they completed), then they get the FDA to approve the drug but with a change in formulation, then the product with the new buffer will go out to the public with the lower efficacy, but better safety. This is because they don’t want to jeopardize any adverse events happening until they are fully approved. So they basically use formula 1 for safety, get approval for formula 2 (safer, less effective), then roll out formula 2 under EUA.

    They also arrange with the FDA and CDC to make sure no early treatment drugs get approved or recommended. This is why there is no movement on fluvoxamine, ivermectin, etc. since that would blow the EUA. Fluvoxamine is the best drug ever for COVID with a mortality reduction of 12X when taken early. It’s the best drug to date for COVID, but the CDC and NIH are deliberately burying it until the vaccines are fully approved. Then they’ll say, “ok, we have all the data.”

    So at the end, Pfizer gets a fully approved vaccine with full liability protection. At that time, then the NIH can recognize other treatments.

    This is how it is wired to go. Let’s be honest about it.

    This is why nobody wants to debate our team about what is going on.

  7. House Sends Infrastructure Bill With Crypto Tax Provision to US President
    The vote passed with bipartisan support on Friday night.

    Note: it is my understanding that due to the nature of crypto currency, it may be impossible to comply with the reporting of the sender’s full information on transactions of 10k or more with how this bill is written.

  8. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s home was raided by the FBI in connection with a diary allegedly stolen from President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden.

    “Federal authorities on Saturday searched the home of James O’Keefe, the founder of the conservative group Project Veritas, according to witnesses and people briefed on the matter, a day after Mr. O’Keefe acknowledged that the group was under investigation by the Justice Department in connection with a diary reported to have been stolen from Ashley Biden, President Biden’s daughter,” The New York Times reported Saturday.

    The bureau carried out a court-ordered search of O’Keefe’s apartment, which is in Mamaroneck, N.Y.

    The raid of O’Keefe’s home comes after the FBI raided the homes of some of the organization’s journalists earlier this week, leading the Project Veritas Founder to issue a statement.

    The raids earned scorn and derision online from critics of the Biden administration, with some suggesting that the Justice Department under Joe Biden has become much more politicized than it ever was under President Trump.

  9. An article on Trinidad as recruiting ground for Isis. As interesting as it is disturbing:

    The rise of Trinidad’s cocaine caliphate
    Its drug wars make it a breeding ground for Isis
    I was reminded of the connection between the Caribbean, the caliphate and cocaine last week after hearing of the death of 80-year-old Yasin Abu Bakr, an imposing 6ft 6in former TV producer and ex-cop who, as leader of the Jamaat al Muslimeen movement, in 1990 pulled off an attempted coup in Trinidad.
    I met Abu Bakr in Port of Spain, Trinidad’s capital, in 2018 while researching a book on tribalism. Initially, I was drawn to him after more than 100 Trinidadians left home to join Isis and the jihadi cause, lured by a mix of fundamentalist ideology, warped romanticism and, in many cases, money.
    But even before Isis existed as an idea, let alone as an organised terror group, the foundations of Islamic extremism were being laid in Trinidad. In the late Seventies, the island saw a revival of Islam that came off the back of an American black power movement underscored by the teachings of Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan, as well as the Islamic revolution in Iran and the assertion of a more muscular, global Muslim identity. This Islamic reboot differed from the prevailing, passive Trinidadian Muslim identity and capitalised on endemic corruption, a growing gang problem fuelled by a burgeoning cocaine trade and a sense of alienation felt by many youths
    [..] drugs continue to enter Trinidad by speedboat and leave on container ships, planes and private yachts, as well as in condoms carried inside the stomachs of drug mules.
    These narcotics often enter Trinidad with decommissioned Venezuelan military weapons, which explains the tendency of gangs in Port of Spain and elsewhere to have more firepower on the streets than most police forces. Perhaps that’s why an unofficial investigation by the government in 2009 found that up to 90% of cops were involved in illegality, ranging from “running and selling drugs, to colluding with gangs by renting out weapons to criminals, to performing extra-legal killings”.
    Throughout the Eighties, the Islamist reboot was seen as a counterpoint to a society that was rapidly turning into a Sodom and Gomorrah for urban youth. Muslim militias took the fight to the dealers, drug lords and gangs on the streets of Port of Spain and beyond, becoming a vigilante force to be reckoned with. Indeed, as the new incarnation of Islam became more and more powerful, its more pernicious fringes — who were more concerned with financial gain than philosophical enlightenment — became enforcers, protection racketeers and, in many cases, out-and-out gangsters themselves.
    Already well-developed in the US, Prislam — a brand of prison-based Islam that conferred protection to its adherents and access to criminal networks both inside and outside of jail — soon took hold, causing schism after schism. Initially, these took the form of pseudo-religious “Muslims versus apostates” conflicts aimed at legitimising gang-on-gang assassinations. Then came “Muslims versus non-Muslims” contract killings — until it became expedient for gang members to either align themselves with the Prislamic “Muslim City” faction or their non-Muslim uber-gang rivals, “Rasta City”.
    [..] “We were a community outreach organisation,” he told me in his modest office, adding he still believed that he could have reversed Trinidad’s crime epidemic if he had succeeded. “A hundred people would convert at Friday prayers. We got money from Libya. We were cleaning up the drugs on the street — we were doing good work. We had outreach centres, feeding centres, shops, businesses, land, medical centres… The Government feared us.”
    That fear, Abu Bakr said, had led to the government violently clamping down on his organisation. With no recourse to the law, Jamaat al Muslimeen’s seizure of power was, he claimed, as much about self-preservation as it was about ending corruption.

  10. CBC – 450 banks and funds join net-zero alliance, but still free to invest in fossil fuel projects

    ( 10 min 09 )

    Mark Carney, the UN special envoy on climate action and finance, outlines his plan to CBC chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton for the global financial community to provide $100 trillion U.S. to help transform the world’s economy by turning away from fossil fuels to clean, green energy.

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