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3 Replies to “MIT scientist deconstructs the safety and efficacy narrative used in top medical journals”

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      1. Are you in Australia? – if so, use VPN
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  1. Retsef Levi – That’s our boy!
    Yay, Team MIT-Sloan!

    Fellow systems analysts, like Yaneer Bar-Yam, went Covid-Zero from Day 1 and never budged from there. After his mother died of it, he only became more obsessed. https://necsi.edu/yaneer-bar-yam

    The Orthodox community on the East Coast and others in Israel experienced MASSIVE morbidity and mortality very early. For us it was on the scale of the Pandemic of 1918.

    If you weren’t at ground-zero, it was ALL political theater. There was a GERM of fact that was spun into P. T. Barnum’s Greatest Show on Earth.

    It became clear that the treatment protocols were wholly misguided. Sloppy management by “hospitalists”, panic rush to ventilate, even casual euthanasia.

    This virus – and the response to it – was unlike any previously encountered. Something novel, indeed…

    Strange reluctance to follow through on the search for therapeutics. The intense project started in March 2020 of “throwing chemicals” at … the coronavirus, hoping that one or more of them will stick, didn’t seem to go anywhere. Or disappeared into the shadows.

    Nope. The solution had to be vaccinate. Aggressively.

    Like Retsef, many of us took the Moderna, developed right here by classmates and friends. Despite serious reservations, my Russki and I chose to do so for our own reasons.

    As ultra-vaxxed Israelis started dropping like flies in the second wave, we wondered what changed?
    …….Ask Chris Jones.
    …….Ask Barry Shaw.

    Now we hear people have been quitting their jobs at Moderna for weeks, maybe months. NDAs, nobody’s talking.

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