Tucker Carlson’s documentary on January 6th, part III

Ashley Babbit is the story that cannot be told enough. Its a grotesque example of what this site winges on about constantly. Not the “hypocritical” actions of the left. Nothing hypocritical about them whatsoever. It is about the purest push to always move everything leftwards by all and any means.

In part III, Tucker points out that ANTIFA celebrated the police killing of Ashley Babbit. The same ANTIFA that wants police defunded and tried to make ACAB into a common thought and expression, and attacked police for the whole summer of 2020.

I think Tucker even forgot to mention that they wouldn’t release the policeman who murdered her in cold blood, who’s Facebook page, if I recall correctly, stated he wanted to kill a Trump supporter that day, that the BIden admin would not even release this man’s name, and he faced NO scrutiny on his murder of an unarmed soldier doing no crime or harm on January 6th, after being waved into the Capitol building, probably by one of his fellow officers.

Parts I and II here.

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