Tucker Carlson opening monologue for October 27, 2021

Terrifying. And if it isn’t scary enough, please watch the video below it. To which there will be a lot more to add in another post hopefully within the week.

Love him or hate him, please listen to him.

Remember when the NSA and US government was investigating Tucker for a planned interview he intended to do? Does it make more sense now?

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  1. I’ve never seen anyone with as much courage in the media world as Tucker Carlson. I wonder if he fears for his life or that of his family.

    • You can bet your ass he fears for his life and the lives of his family members. If there aren’t bad people plotting his demise as we speak then I’m a monkey’s uncle eating his hat. The left must hate Tucker with a murderous rage…

      I truly believe that leftism is a form of mental illness that’s been hard at work wrecking our way of life since the sixties and beyond. They seem to be drawn to suicide but only if they can be sure to take a lot of people with them as they step off the cliff. They’re always against everything and only support things that make life more difficult for the rest of us. A bunch of real genuine assholes, they are…

  2. Refuting global “structures”…. With wise “thugs” like this why do the Russian people need our species of kinder, gentler, progressive maniac? Our Obama or Dear Leader or Uncle Joe or Clinton hit squads? Sure, a mafioso. But our own are the enemy of our traditional values, while he defends them. Remarkable, too, how Uncle Vlad is better informed about we, the people who swim in our own soup. Either way it is dictatorship, and unless U.S. rule of law reasserts itself we seem to have few choices in this current marketplace of tyrants.

  3. Woken Delusion and Cancel Culture

    Waiting for the revolution to eat its children

    Translation of https://jungefreiheit.de/debatte/kommentar/2021/276908/

    Woken Delusion and Cancel Culture

    Waiting for the revolution to eat its children

    One of the basic tasks of any comedian is to poke hyper-sensitive buzzkill in the head. At least that used to be the case before the comedy industry, and virtually the entire entertainment industry, also began to “woke up” and go with the flow of Political Correctness.

    One person who still upholds the old comedy traditions and says things on stage that – if the philistines have their way – “you just don’t say” is U.S. comedian Dave Chappelle. Whether his critics, who are outraged by his edgy gags, are bigoted old aunts or “progressive” young female students, the African-American stage performer couldn’t care less. In his Netflix show “The Closer,” he has now turned the LGBTQ movement – or rather some of its self-appointed representatives and advocates – against him.

    In one of his stand-up numbers, Chapelle poked fun at the hypersensitivity of the trans community, among other things. The proof of his statement followed on its heels. There was an uproar from anti-art cultural Marxists and, of course, the obligatory shitstorm on the Internet. All of this is common. What is not quite so common – at least not yet – was the internal protest of the media group’s employees. They demonstrated against the “trans-hostile” programming offered by their own company.

    No caving in

    The stand-up comedian, who has long been known for his hard humor, and compared trans women in his now scandalized show interlude with the representation method of blackfacing, reacted to the storm against artistic freedom, however, differently than the friends of Cancel Culture had expected. Instead of backpedaling, apologizing and vowing to mend his ways, as many colleagues would have done in his place, he went one better by pointing out to the trans bubble that biological sex is a scientific fact. Chappelle rejected the claim, previously circulated by the media, that he had refused to talk to his critics. There had been no offer to talk to him from the other side, the actor said.

    In the meantime, he himself has signaled a willingness to talk with the transgender employees of the streaming service. In addition, he asked his fans, “Don’t blame the LBGTQ community for this shit.” In a video recorded at an appearance in Louisville, Kentucky, according to CNN, the professional provocateur said, “This has nothing to do with them (the LBGTQ community). It’s about corporate interests and what I can and can’t say.”

    This should not be confused with a traditional cave-in, however. “I’m more than willing to listen to what you guys have to say. But you will not summon me. I will not bow to anyone’s demands,” was the artist’s clear message to transgender activists. Continuing, Chappelle said in his inimitable ironic-aggresive style, for which his audience has loved him for many years, “You can’t come if you haven’t seen my show from beginning to end. You have to come to a place of my choice, at a time of my choice. And you must admit that Hannah Gadsby is not funny.”

    Cancel mania also widespread among artists

    His comedian and Netflix colleague Gadsby, against whom Chappelle could not refrain from taking the little side swipe, had, like several other artists, also sided with those who want to restrict the freedom of art in the name of political correctness.

    Dave Chappelle is not the only representative of his guild who is getting on his nerves about the culture of canceling and its advocates, who bizarrely abound even among the ranks of creative artists.

    Also because more and more artists, regardless of their other political stances, understand that the end of the line is far from being reached and what the ever-widening gap in the head can mean in the long run for really everyone who goes public with his or her artistic work in whatever form.

    Chappalle’s British comedian colleague Ricky Gervais, creator of the hit series “The Office,” which served among other things as a model for the series “Stromberg” so popular in Germany, just recently commented on the new rules of decency from the woke bubble, which now seem to have their validity in all areas of the public mainstream.
    Even the greatest wokeness will do no good

    A bitterly wicked series like “The Office,” which flouts all social conventions, has no chance of being shown today, the British TV producer believes. In a podcast by U.S. neuroscientist Sam Harris, Gervais harshly criticized the currently prevailing cancel culture. That this “wokeness” meets with such popularity, especially among the younger generation, the 60-year-old radio host sees with a mixture of cynicism and paternal composure.

    “I want to live long enough to witness the younger generation not being woke enough for the next generation. That’s how it’s going to happen,” the veteran comedian says with almost anticipatory determination. To adapt to the rules of the young revolutionaries, currently still so hungry themselves, the director considers little sense.

    Gervais is sure that even the currently extra-woken will in the future, despite all their efforts, still end up belonging to the sorted-out guard. The old comedy bunny comments on the certainty of victory and complacency of the younger generation and his adapted colleagues with mocking incomprehension: “Don’t they realize that they’re next? That’s the funny thing,” Gervais chuckles.

    What he is getting at with this is obvious and will certainly come to pass. And he is probably not alone in his joyful expectation of this more than due punishment for today’s tone-setting class. Many would probably also like to witness the woke cultural revolution eating its own children. However, despite all the bitter euphoria, it should not be forgotten that this would be at best the second-best option in the possible future for our society.

  4. https://www.unzensuriert.at/content/136628-nach-robin-auch-superman-ist-jetzt-schwul/

    After superhero Robin: Superman is now gay too

    Normal men should be relieved that “Superman” will no longer be a competitor with women in the future. Because, as reported by Bayrische Rundfunk, the publisher DC Comics announced that Superman will have his “coming out” in the upcoming issue. Instead of chasing criminals, the focus will be on a love story in which the superhero and a male reporter become “romantically” closer.

    Previously, Robin also turned gay

    It’s not the first foray of this kind on the part of the world’s second-largest comic book publisher. As uncensored reported, recently Robin, Batman’s sidekick, had also announced that he was gay. Thus, homosexuality is offensively portrayed in the publisher’s two largest formats. In both cases, the topic is not just a subordinate clause, but is built centrally into the plot and also portrayed through drawings in which the gays “get closer.”

    Hollywood does not go far enough

    For the “experts” from Hollywood, however, the publishing house does not go far enough. For example, Dean Cain, who portrayed Superman in a series, criticized the fact that the step is only coming now. He demanded that Superman should simultaneously stand up for gay rights in Iran in the comics:

    PS: It would have been really brave if the new Superman would stand up for gay rights in Iran, where they are throwing these people off houses.

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