Ottawa Pizza joint attacks unvaxxed customers for politely challenging the mandates

This was just sent to me via Telegram.

The story as told, but as yet unsubstantiated, is that an activist group went into a Bank St. in Ottawa Pizza place prepared to argue politely with staff, police and bylaw, that there is no law allowing refusal of service based on vaxx status. I have seen other videos by this or similar groups where they won the case and police agreed, and left them to eat in peace at food courts etc
This time was different.

One of the diners exclaimed that the owner/manager had a gun and threatened them with it, although the gun was not visible in the video. But the several large staffers in corporate T shirts who came out throwing punches at the customers certainly are on camera.

Eating out in Ottawa is a lot more exciting than it used to be. As the line in the cartoon, The Tick goes, “Oh how wonderful. Dinner and a floor show”.

It will be interesting to see what the current substitute for law in Canada does with all involved in this event, assuming it is as shown.

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  1. Unfortunate, this video type does not have a control to make it fullsize. Is this something you can adjust Vlad, when you embed the video?

  2. Full props to the folks who pushed this issue and for risking the predictable response from the vaxx votaries.

    The present situation is absolutely diabolical in its ability to create hatred and separation between people, even in families. And I don’t use the word “diabolical” loosely.

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