British MP stabbed to death LIVE cast


AAAAaaaaaaand It’s a muslim

Terror police will probe murder of Tory MP Sir David Amess: Cops arrest ‘Somalian man, 25’ as witnesses reveal how horrified onlookers screamed for help as they tried to save him after he was ‘stabbed repeatedly at his church constituency surgery’

Counter terrorism officers are tonight leading the investigation into the murder Tory MP Sir David Amess, police have confirmed.

It comes after horrified onlookers screamed for help as they tried to save the Conservative MP after he was brutally stabbed to death in front of them at his Southend constituency surgery. 

His attacker sprinted into the church and stabbed him to death during his weekly surgery as constituents watched in horror. 

The Tory MP for Southend West, 69, was meeting locals at the Belfairs Methodist Church, in Eastwood Road North, Leigh-on-Sea, when it happened just at 12.05pm. 

Paramedics worked to save the politician on the floor of the Essex church for more than an hour but he could not be saved after the appalling attack.

The murder bore chilling similarities to the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed multiple times outside her constituency surgery at a local library in Birstall, West Yorkshire, in June 2016 by a right-wing terrorist. 

Tonight her sister, Kim Leadbeater, who has since been elected as a Labour MP to Jo’s former Batley and Spen seat, said she felt ‘frightened’ by the attack and that her partner has asked her to step down in the wake of Sir David’s death.

The popular politician – who won at the last general election with a margin of 14,000 votes – was knifed ‘multiple times’ by a 25-year-old killer. […]

Mr Harrington said ‘it will be for investigators to determine whether this is a terrorist incident’, adding they will be ‘keeping an open mind’ over the motive. According to the Telegraph, the 25-year-old arrested was believed to be a ‘Somalian origin’.

No name given, so… yeah.



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  1. Since they won’t release the name of the killer and since they are calling it “terrorism”, one can only assume it is a follower of the Religion of Peace. Simple.

  2. “Terror police will probe murder of Tory MP Sir David Amess: Cops arrest ‘Somalian man, 25’ as witnesses reveal how horrified onlookers screamed for help as they tried to save him after he was ‘stabbed repeatedly at his church constituency surgery'”
    by Dan Sales, Martin Robinson & James Robinson – October 15, 2021

  3. Isn’t it positively creepy the way they’ve got every authority voice from London to Sydney completely trained to always shield Muslims no matter what they do? Imagine if the killer had been a “Christian” all hopped up on abortion or immigration and wearing a red MAGA hat. I’ll bet this guy was screaming “Allahu Akbar” while he stabbed the MP and they’re not bothering to mention that even though they had to say that terrorism had not been ruled out. But essentially, they framed the entire assassination as a “security lapse” that’s being looked into and nothing to see here, move along. They act as if the guy died in an earthquake and it’s a terrible tragedy but nothing more. He died in a fishing accident or from slipping on the ice and it’s certainly too, too bad…

    The people who currently run our world want the West to fill up with Muslims who will then complain of “oppression” and demand their own “homelands” and start a great big civil war all across the land. It’s plain to see that only a lunatic would purposely allow Muslims into his country, but they act as if it’s perfectly normal – the right thing to do. They’re trying to create that on purpose in order to come sweeping in to the rescue with their Communism and their single-minded focus and grab the big prize. The Bolsheviks want to ignite a second “Russian Civil War”, which will be worldwide as well as red vs blue rather than red vs white…

    I didn’t hear one single reference to Islam in the entire news article. Imagine reporting on the Battle of Britain and not mentioning that the bad guys were German…? Wouldn’t that make you shake your head…?

  4. “UK: Muslim migrant linked to ‘Islamist extremists’ stabs MP to death”
    by Robert Spencer – October 15, 2021

    + HF’s comment:

    “Working to establish a motive”?

    How’s this: David Arness was a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel and a stout defender of the Jewish state. He was also the driving force behind the erection in London of.a statue of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swede who helped rescue many Jews during World War II.

    David Amess MP Visits Raoul Wallenberg Memorial
    David Amess – July 4, 2013

    A sign next to the entrance proclaimed that “All Are Welcome Here”, and when Sir David went inside, constituents were patiently waiting to see him in his makeshift office, staffed by two female assistants.
    One of those who had arranged to see him, according to John Lamb, a local Conservative councillor, was the person who was about to take his life.

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