The more data showing the ‘vaccines’ do the opposite of protect us, the harsher the coercion to take them. Why is that? Links 2, October 12, 2021

1. Intel has most strict anti-vaxx mandates outside of the state of Texas

This link to Alex Berenson’s Substack. The entire document from Intel is here. But Alex has found the key bits here.

The actual document.

2. And now another major line is crossed. The ‘vaccine’ is killing more people than the disease its meant to stop.

3. Now, not only Quebec nurses who did not take the shot are going to loose their licence, but PHARMACISTS who have not had the shot in Quebec (and BC) are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK. This is pure coercion and has nothing to do with medicine or science.

4. Melbourne almost flattened the curve there. If curve means ballistic. And flatten means spike


5. Unvaccinated Quebec pharmacists will have their licences suspended on Friday, order says

MONTREAL — The order of pharmacists of Quebec is the latest body of health-care workers to confirm it will suspend the licences of members who aren’t vaccinated by Friday. 

That’s the date by which all employees in the health and social services sector must be fully vaccinated from COVID-19 or face suspension without pay, according to a decree issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Some governing bodies, such as the order of nurses of Quebec, have gone further by saying it will also suspend the licences of workers who are not yet vaccinated. 


Thank you M., INRI, EB., Johnny U., Major Tom, Malca, Richard, Yucki and many more who have dusted off their gym shoes and trying the high wire.

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9 Replies to “The more data showing the ‘vaccines’ do the opposite of protect us, the harsher the coercion to take them. Why is that? Links 2, October 12, 2021”

  1. Item 3: I’m not seeing my comment show up re Nurse’s Pension Plan being wiped out.
    I read it in French media. The Health Minister in his presser mentioned there were many surprises coming up re nurses who refuse to comply with the vaxx mandate. And he threatened them with elimination of their pension plans.

    A nurse who’s been working for 15 years can see her Pension Plan evaporate. It’s a horrific story for the nurses. These nurses will win their court case should they group up to defy the Pension Plan.

    Quebec was warned that François Legault is a Commie and his buddy Health Minister Dubé that he appointed as Health Minister is also of the same affiliation.

    Now, I know people in Quebec and no media has addressed the Commie angle. They don’t even know what Communism is and how it operates.

    Quebec is doomed.

    FINALLY, I must bow my head in admiration re how Quebec’s Premier Legault went about enforcing his Commie agenda. The man is a snake. He presented himself as a father that is talking to his children (his own words). And then, it went from slightly bad to very bad to full control.

  2. Vlad, the resource gave me an Idea: I need to compile a paired down list of organizational contacts.

    The information is already voluminous, what is necessary is how coordinate the actual application of survival strategies in the face of an establishment backed totalitarian mass movement.

    This is why the airline staff have been so effective: They have an existing professional/personal network of widespread geography. I suspect this is why groups such as truckers have been so effective at mass movement.

    Absent pre-existing professional relationships of such a scale, they have to be forged from the ground up and organically.

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