There are dramatic relations between fertility and the mRNA shots: Links 1, October 11, 2021

1. Dr. Peter McCullough is always good. And this is he, so this is good. And the fact that he quotes Eric Clapton at 50:43 shows both of them have a lot of political awareness on all this. Sadly, no embed code for now. But here is the link to watch it on Rumble.

2. Anyone else think maybe this Cardinal is on to something?

3. Airline tells pilots, flight attendants to stop using ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in order to promote diversity and respect of ‘new social norms’: report

British Airways staff will reportedly no longer refer to passengers as “ladies and gentlemen,” according to a Saturday report from the Telegraph, in an effort to promote “diversity and inclusion.”

The airline will no longer use the feminine and masculine terms during onboarding announcements in order for the carrier to celebrate its customers’ diversity.

According to the report, “The decision is believed to have been partly driven by a change in [British Airways] customers. A greater proportion of families are traveling since COVID restrictions have been eased, with business travel slower to recover.”

“The airline is understood to have been keen to make children feel included in announcement as well as respect new social norms,” the report continued.

(This shouldn’t be a problem much longer if other airlines are an indicator, not to mention ATC)

4. Study Shows That Up To 8 In 10 Women Had A Miscarriage After Getting The Covid Vaccine Before The Third Trimester

A recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine has some shocking results about pregnant women who received the Covid vaccine early in their pregnancy.

The June 2021 study called “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons” purports to study the effects that the Covid vaccine has on pregnancies, including miscarriages, stillbirths, anomalies, and live births.

One particular finding – that related to miscarriages – has been seemingly overlooked (and perhaps even intentionally hidden, as some claim, since corrections were made to the report). But first, it’s important to keep in mind that miscarriages are defined as “the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week.” The general rate of miscarriages in the U.S. ranges from as low as 10% to as high as 26%, depending on the medical publication.

(The number of women I have spoken to who experienced endometrial events after the vaccine which were unnatural is very high. What is surprising in one way, is that it didn’t seem to affect their view of these injections. I suppose its a form of defending their purchase in a game-theory sense. They are now personally invested in the mRNA shots, since they have paid a price for them)

5. Conservatives deny blocking bill to stop Job losses due to vaxx status

Thank you M., Richard, EB., Malca, KAF, Rich, Yucki, EB., ET., and MANY more who are braving the horror that this site and sites like it are examining as real possibilities hopefully to assist all those who do not get it yet, in the event that these scenarios are correct.

Alex Berenson, former NYT reporter banned from Twitter for citing actual Israeli government stats which may cause “vaccine hesitancy”, sent out an email from his Substack.

He explains that a former colleague at the NYT has explained that:

A: For the elderly, especially the very old with co-morbidities, the vaxx does not reduce hospitalization or death rates as much as promised. That the truth is muc different than the initial presented data promised.

B: For children without serious medical conditions, the danger of severe covid is so low as to be difficult to quantify.

All this while Canada and other nations are forcing this injection on younger and younger children.

Somewhere, there is a large cheese slicer and a basket…

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    • Tovarish, yep. That’s about right.

      I just found out that “Latinx” was coined by gender-bending anglos.

      It can’t be pronunced in Spanish, and only a vanishingly few native speakers have even heard of it. That comforts me somewhat.

      You know already that I’m a little crazy when it comes to languages. Yes, they’re always evolving, blah-blah. but PC mandates are NOT organic. Mutilation of language serving as an ersatz lobotomy.

      Compelled speech – the pronoun laws – no.
      Just NO.

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