Some courts still work: Links 3, October 12, 2021

1. Tucker Carlson on the Fed Reserve and the coming economic catastrophe for the USA

2. BREAKING: Judge Temporarily Stops New York’s Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers Citing US Constitution

Judge David Hurd of Utica, New York sided with 17 healthcare workers who sued over the New York state vaccine mandate for healthcare workers that may have seen up to 75,000 unemployed for refusing one of the controversial vaccines.

Hurd granted an injunction against the mandate starting immediately while the case is tried. He wrote, “There is no adequate explanation from defendants,” meaning the state, “about why the ‘reasonable accommodation’ that must be extended to a medically exempt health care worker under 2.61 could not similarly be extended to a healthcare worker with a sincere religious objection.”

3. We often hear the phrase, “Informed consent: with vaccines, but don’t really know what it means. In Ontario, it means this call from a recorded robo voice:


4. Doesn’t SOUND like Let’s Go Brandon exactly..

5. The following tweet is so Kafkaesque I will believe it without checking.

Hey whatever happened to Tiffany Dover? Has anyone seen proof of life from her yet? It’s been quite a while since we saw her collapse on TV after her first shot. I remember the acrimony surrounding the conflict. Did she die? Or didn’t she? As far as I know, there has been no sign of her that can be verified and there is no return to social media for her in any way like her old habits. It would be great to know.

Thank you Pauline D., Yucki, KAF., Johnny U., ET., EB., Everyone over at the Mastodon Pod which thanks to your efforts, is hopping, and all who risk a bit of comfort to try and wake a few people up and or fight for our basic liberties.


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