People at war with the institutions of state across the West: Links 1, September 30, 2021

1. A day ago: LIVESTREAM Restaurant Waku Waku in Utrecht, the Netherlands refuses to check at the door for covid access passes. It was closed down and had its lock replaced yesterday on orders of the mayor, which lead to a standoff between police and the owner and his sympathisers.
Same thing happening today:

The municipality of Utrecht is no longer allowing people to demonstrate on the sidewalk in front of restaurant Waku Waku on the Vredenburg. In recent days, hundreds of supporters and protesters have gathered at the vegan restaurant which refused to check guests for their coronavirus access passes. This caused difficulty for surrounding businesses, including other hospitality businesses, and for traffic in the area. Demonstrations are allowed to continue, but only take at Jaarbeursplein.

2. Biden admin blocked charter plane from Kabul carrying more than 100 Americans and green-card holders from landing anywhere in the US: report

The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday denied U.S. landing rights to a charter plane carrying more than 100 American citizens and legal permanent residents attempting to flee Afghanistan, flight organizers told Reuters.

What are the details?

Bryan Stern, one of the organizers and a founder of the nonprofit group Project Dynamo, reportedly spoke with the news agency from the tarmac at Abu Dhabi airport in the United Arab Emirates, where his chartered plane had been grounded for 14 hours.

Passengers had arrived on a flight from Kabul, Afghanistan. Once there, Stern said he planned to transfer them to a chartered Ethiopian Airlines plane for a flight to the U.S. that DHS Customs and Border Protection had cleared to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

But according to Stern, the CBP then changed the clearance to Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C., only to then deny the plane landing rights anywhere in the U.S.

3. Is that Dr. Kevorkian in the syringe suit?

4. Alberta shows us how the Hegelian dialectic is done.


5. Mother of Israeli soldier tells horrifying tale of forced vaccination of her daughter, soldiers in the middle of the night.

Thank you Kalloi, M., Johnny U., C., Tama, Richard, MarcusZ1967, and many many more who are wide awake and do not let the horror of this current reality deter them from clear headed thought.



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  1. 3/ What’s the audience for this sort of thing?
    I’m not familiar with the … uh … genre.
    TV variety show pitched to whom?

    Vaguely Latin music, like when my mother’s generation used to visit family in Cuba. Some collective cultural memory? America in the 1950s? When we were the GOAT?

  2. #5 (continued)
    (using Facebook Translate)
    Astoria Leoni
    Sept 15
    Updates we received a phone call yesterday evening from the Public Inquiries Commissioner in the IDF, (the conversation is recorded)
    She talked to my daughter Noya about the vaccination event at two in the morning, in the tone of her voice there was a noticeable apology.
    According to her and the IDF investigation, the case was a series of mistakes.
    Mistakes by the staff and officers in understanding the situation, she describes a situation where there was a vaccine that was about to expire at six in the morning (sounds delusional) so they decided to vaccinate at two at night (note that the girls were on their feet after 17 hours and the next day they were taken With the heat and pressure.)
    The event is very serious and cannot be underestimated.
    My house did not make any assumptions to the commissioner and demanded explanations from her,
    The commissioner said the IDF sometimes makes mistakes to learn from them, and get better, and in this case made a sequence of serious mistakes, the commissioner requested the names of the officers involved to punish them.
    My daughter who saw the humanity of the officers’ mistake and compassion for them has not given their names for the time being. “She claims she did not want to fuck them.”
    Beiti went on to say that she was recovering from Corona and how could it be that she was required to get vaccinated and said that to cheer up her own rules, the commissioner replied that indeed a mistake had been made here in understanding the situation and the rules.
    The commissioner again apologized to my house for causing her damage, fear and anxiety.
    We were assured that the case would not be plastered. We have been assured that all the highest factors and ranks know about it, study it from every angle and draw conclusions.
    My lawyer of course continues to take care of them and we do everything necessary to reach the study of uncompromising truth and create a precedent here.
    [there is more, mostly against having the need for the IDF]

  3. #5 Here an attorney gives his opinion on the difficulty of pursuing litigation

    This sounds draconian, but here is something sensible:
    There is a chance that in the future there will be a reduction of going home. Rejectors have a high chance of getting infected so we would like to reduce their exit. Still waiting for legal approval on the matter.
    ?? Refuses will have to perform frequent corona tests. We will update every while later.

    • They kept the recruits on base full time before vaccines became available. Israeli soldiers usually go home on weekends – small country, easy commutes.

      It’s viewed as a hardship to be away from home. “Lone soldiers” – volunteers from abroad without family in country – are considered vulnerable, require supportive services so they don’t get depressed.

      This sounds like a mess.

      Israelis are extremely protective of their young soldiers. Though brutal training is also a point of pride. 17 hours, hiking with heavy packs in the heat is something they brag about for the rest of their lives. She mentioned Givati, one of the legendary units.

      “They’re all our kids” is a powerful cultural norm. That’s why one hostage soldier was exchanged for over a thousand terrorist prisoners.

  4. Eloquent anger from Israel:
    We were convinced that you will wake up when you understand that from this irresponsible policy not to say criminal israel in a deficit of a trillion NIS.
    We were sure that you would wake up after seeing over a million unemployed and thousands of weddings that collapsed financially.
    We were sure that you would get up when they put us in quarantine again and again and again and again and in fact the ?? pandemic ?? never left here. So why another quarantine..?
    We were sure that you will wake up when you realize that quarantine is only on our holidays..?
    We were sure that you will get up when you see the broadcasters and invited on TV close and mask-free, time after time, after time, after time..!
    But you are really very tired. And still sleep deep (when a storm of the world is going on around you). And we know that you will rise soon (at least most of you) and together we will be for the most part The majority that will fix this world.

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