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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Woman Stabbed to Death in Street for ‘Refusing to Marry Her Cousin’ (Photo)
    A woman who refused to marry her cousin has paid with her life.
    The helpless woman was stabbed to death in a busy street in Baghdad after reportedly refusing to marry her cousin in an arranged marriage.
    Nourzan Al-Shammari was brutally murdered in broad daylight while she was walking home from work, sparking anger across Iraq after footage of the crime was shared on social media.
    According to media outlet Alsumaria News of Iraq, she was murdered by three people carrying knives in the so-called “honour killing” for refusing the marriage.
    Police have since arrested Nourzan’s brother for his suspected role in the murder, but it is understood his two cousins are still on the run, according to local news reports.
    Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Saad Maan, said Nourzan’s brother admitted to the killing, blaming “family problems” for the twisted crime, Gulf News reports.
    It is understood this was not the first marriage she was subjected to. Nourzan was first married against her will as a child.
    According to local reports, the young woman’s family forced her to marry for the first time when she was just 13.
    After they divorced her first husband, her uncle, who has not been named, tried to make her marry his son, her cousin.
    Nourzan, who worked in a pastry shop, is believed to have been repeatedly threatened because she did not consent to the marriage
    Her relatives claimed she had recently shared posts to her social media accounts, saying she did not feel safe.
    The Iraqi Ministry of the Interior’s Relations and Information Director Major General Saad Maan released a statement confirming they had arrested multiple suspects, though they have not been named.
    A “working team of experts and investigators” had been pulled together to find the perpetrators of the crime, Maan said.
    Footage showing the murder was released by the Baghdad Anti-Crime Directorate.


  2. July 15 2021 Graphic Photos of Teenage Girl Shot Dead By Her Own Family For Refusing To Marry Her Cousin
    A teenage girl has paid with her life over her refusal to marry her cousin.
    According to DailyStar, the girl was brutally shot dead by 10 men using rifles after she said she didn’t want to marry her cousin.
    The disturbing “honour killing” was filmed by the murderers and shows 18-year-old Eida Al-Hamoudi Al-Saeedo executed in a deserted village near Al-Hasakah, a city in the north east of Syria.
    Eida tried to run away with her lover but was followed by her family and tribe, reports from say.
    In the horrifying video footage, the teen yells for help as she is dragged along the ground by three armed men.
    It shows the other men, who are stood by a desolate wall, before three gun shots ring out.
    The victim then lays wriggling on the floor in an attempt to get up before a different killer fires a bullet through her head and Eida’s lifeless body is covered in a red blanket.
    Reports say the “honour killing” came following Eida’s family refusing to let her marry the man she fell in love with as he was from a different tribe.
    They instead insisted she wed her cousin, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).
    It added: “SOHR strongly denounces this horrible crime calling for bringing the perpetrators on charges of murder and publishing the videos under the name of ‘honor crime’.”
    The tragic teen was beaten and starved for a number of days before the execution, the Sun Online reports.
    A Violations Documentation Centre in northern Syria said Eida was “brutally assaulted until the crime was completed by killing her with machine guns and pistols by more than one person.
    “Her sin was to love another man whom they couldn’t touch fearing of reprisal between the two families.”
    Her lover is said to have escaped the violence as the family didn’t want a revenge attack from his tribe.
    Women’s groups and other activists have called for prosecution for the perpetrators and said the killing of women must stop.

    July 8 2021 Teenage Girl Dragged Out Of House By Kinsmen And Shot Dead For Refusing To Marry Her Cousin (Photos)
    A teenager girl has been killed by her kinsmen for refusing to marry her cousin.
    The teen was shot dead by 10 men in an “honour killing” that was filmed.
    Eida Al-Hamoudi Al-Saeedo, 18, is said to have tried to run away with her lover but her family and tribe followed her, according to
    In a horrific video shared online, Eida is dragged by three men who are carrying guns while she screams for help in the shocking footage.
    She was then taken to a desolate village on the outskirts of Al-Hasakah, a city in the north east of Syria.
    The video then shows the other men standing by a wall of an abandoned house, after which three shots ring out.
    Eida is then shown lying on the ground and appears to be struggling to get up when a man points a gun at her head and shoots her dead.
    Her body is then covered with a red blanket.
    Eida was shot in an “honour killing” after she fell in love with a young man and refused to marry her cousin, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).
    The man is said to have proposed to Eida but her family forbade the marriage because he was from a different tribe.
    The Violations Documentation Centre in northern Syria said Eida had been starved and beaten for a number of days before being executed by her family.
    “[She was] brutally assaulted until the crime was completed by killing her with machine guns and pistols by more than one person,” a spokesperson for the center said.
    The centre said in a Twitter statement: “Her sin was to love another man whom they couldn’t touch fearing of reprisal between the two families.”
    The man who Eida fell in love with is said to have managed to escape from the tribe as the family “feared a reprisal” if he had been attacked.
    The video has been widely condemned by activists and women’s groups who have called for the perpetrators to be prosecuted and for the killing of women to stop.
    Writer Sameh Shukri said on Twitter: “A new crime of honor and racism against women, killing a Syrian girl in the city of #Hasakah for accusing her of love and adultery.”

  3. A short article on Fulani herdsmen (bandits / jihadi) activity. I’m not sure if that issue was ever covered on this blog:

    “I Thought I Won’t Find Happiness Again” – Ex-Benue Livestock Guard Who Survived Herdsmen Attack Writes As He Weds
    Taking to Facebook on Wednesday, September 29, Zion shared photos from his traditional wedding to Joy Uvebel held on Saturday, and thanked God for giving him a second chance.
    It has been revealed that Zion Vershima Alunan, an ex-Benue livestock guard, who was brutally attacked by Fulani herdsmen and left for dead, has found love again.
    Taking to Facebook on Wednesday, September 29, Zion shared photos from his traditional wedding to Joy Uvebel held on Saturday, and thanked God for giving him a second chance.
    “I really appreciate God for giving me a privilege like this because I thought I will never found a happiness again. KPA ORGU AONDOGA . So friend never you condemn anybody in ur life whether being a dead or a mad person consider him as a human being. Thanks” he wrote.
    It’s not clear what happened between him and his former wife and mother of his two children but it seems they are no longer together.
    In an interview with Reuters in 2018, Alunan clearly mentioned that “my wife feeds me. If I want to go to the toilet she also supports me,” because he was unable to move his hands months after the attack.
    Zion was among the livestock guards who were attacked by herders on 1st January, 2018, at Tomatar Nongov community in Guma Local government Area of Benue state.
    The father of two was macheted across his face, torso and arms, and was shot at close range in his right thigh.
    He couldn’t move from his hospital bed for two months after the attack and was eventually discharged after a six-month stay at Benue State Teaching Hospital that was followed by another two months convalescing in his village.
    Zion said he sold his yam farm and a fish farm to pay his hospital bills.

    Horror! Suspected Herdsmen Kill Four, Injure One In Plateau
    Confirming the incident, the National Publicity Secretary of Irigwe Development Association (IDA), Mr Davidson Malison, said the attackers came around 6:50 pm.
    As many as four people have been confirmed dead in fresh attacks in Plateau State.
    The attacks took place on Tuesday night around Twin Hill Road, Jebbu Miango, in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State.
    DAILY POST gathered that the incident occurred around 7 pm.
    Confirming the incident, the National Publicity Secretary of Irigwe Development Association (IDA), Mr Davidson Malison, said: “The attackers came around 6:50 pm, as three persons on a motorcycle were ambushed along Twin Hill Road, Jebbu Miango, Miango District, of Bassa LGA, where two of them were killed instantly and one sustained gunshot injuries on their way from Jebbu Miango to Miango community.
    According to him, “Fulani terrorists laid ambush on them. The motorcycle was also burnt down to ashes.
    “Also, the same Tuesday evening, two persons were killed in their farm at Nzhwerenvi, also in Jebbu Miango.”
    He gave the names of those affected in the incident to include, Bitrus Bulus, Yakubu Chohu, Friday Gani Kyeri, and Kyeri Gani, as those killed; while Musa Wah was the injured person.
    When DAILY POST contacted the Spokesman of the State Police Command, ASP Ubah Ogaba, he said, “Yes we are aware there was an incident in Bassa, and security operatives were deployed there immediately.
    “Details about the incidents will be communicated to you as soon as we receive it.”

    • Fulani herdsmen (bandits / jihadi) activity. I’m not sure if that issue was ever covered on this blog:

      Yes. In the context of the 0bama regime’s election interference in Nigeria, 2015. On behalf of fulani savages [jihadis] against the incumbent Christian President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. Terrible, terrible.

      See 2015:
      Why The Us Tilts Towards Apc…The Axelrod, Obama, AKPD connection
      How The Obama Administration Destroyed Nigeria’s Path to Progression

    • 2016:
      US official reveals how Obama made Buhari President

      – US official disclosed shocking details of the 2015 presidential election in Nigeria

      – He narrated how US President Barack Obama assisted President Buhari to remove Goodluck Jonathan from power

      – Former government official accused Buhari of having links with the Boko Haram and attempts to implement Sharia law in Nigeria
      David Axelrod Obama’s chief advisor has just worked in a successful election campaign for the Muslim candidate in Nigeria against the Christian incumbent. The Muslim candidate is a former military dictator who ruled the country with an iron hand. His name is Muhammadu Buhari and he has just defeated a guy named Goodluck Jonathan.

      Nigeria is a very valuable country because of the huge oil reserves inside and winning the presidency there is a big deal. Buhari used to be an advocate of Sharia law and attempted to impose it in Nigeria.

      He now says that he’s over that he’s not going to do that and he’ll behave himself but the question is do we take him at his word or not….

  4. The Fear Pandemic and the Crisis of Capitalism. Sleepwalking Towards A Global Economic Crisis?

    Sometimes the Little Guy Can Shut Down Government

    CDC claims it has authority to use police to do everything you see going on in Australia; and Congress agrees

    Testing Propaganda

  5. “Wayne Couzens’ use of the tools of his trade as a Metropolitan police officer to falsely arrest Sarah Everard has raised concerns over how to tell whether an officer is genuine or not and whether they are acting within their powers.

    Couzens showed Everard his warrant card and then handcuffed her before abducting, raping and killing the 33-year-old marketing executive.”

    This is but one end of the Rainbow Spectrum of ‘Death being greater than Life.’ The other end is a Genderless Child welcoming any abuse for a small amount of attention and affection. Children without standard bedtimes.

  6. Slovenian protest against Covid-19 pass mandate gets chaotic

    Tear gas and water cannon were deployed by police in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana after thousands of demonstrators upset over mandatory Covid-19 passes tried to block a major highway and were accused of assaulting the media.

    • WaPo – West Virginia was a vaccine success story. Now it’s a covid-19 hot spot.

      West Virginia was an early leader in covid-19 vaccinations, but health officials say they have hit a wall of vaccine resistance and misinformation.

      At its current pace, the state won’t hit the 70% vaccination threshold until Oct. 2022, according to Post data.

      J Norfleet 21 min ago

      We need to protect the protected from the unprotected by given the unprotected the protection that isn't protecting the protected


    • Tory MPs should ‘get vaccinated or stay home’: Blanchet

      Bloc Leader says any members of Parliament who are not fully vaccinated should stay home.

    • Gov’t working to implement federal vaccine passport: Hajdu

      Health Minister Patty Hajdu discusses how the federal government is working to get a federal vaccine passport for domestic travel in Canada.

    • bloomberg – YouTube Has Removed 1 Million Videos About Covid, CEO Says

      YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki speaks to Emily Chang about COVID vaccine videos and removing over 1M videos associated with COVID misinformation.

    • city news – Children flooding Montreal ERs

      “We’re seeing much more of the other viruses,” says Dr. Antonio D’Angelo, ER chief, Montreal Children’s Hospital, as Montreal ERs see more children with Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) – with symptoms that mimic COVID-19.


      Jay Clark 16 hours ago

      Well I guess it wouldn’t be anything contributing to the fact you were masks all day


      Ignatian Examen 16 hours ago

      The propaganda never ends, does it?


    • FRANCE – “Celui qui dit qu’il ne faut pas se faire vacciner est un assassin potentiel.” R. Muselier

      Le président de la région PACA, contaminé par le covid en août alors qu’il était vacciné, a eu des mots forts ….

      “Double vacciné et j’ai pris un variant Delta et contaminé douze autres personnes”

    • AUSTRALIA – How contact tracing could work once vaccination targets are met

      QR codes have become part of life for millions of Australians and so has the inconvenience of being deemed a casual contact and made to isolate, often after the most fleeting of encounters, like popping to the shops.

      As the country now shifts to living with COVID, it’s simply not going to work anymore to isolate every person who comes in contact with a COVID case otherwise too many people would be ordered to stay at home at once bringing things to a standstill.

  7. =========================================


    Journalism association asks RCMP to investigate Maxime Bernier over tweets

    The People’s Party of Canada is doubling down after the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) issued a call for the RCMP to investigate party leader Maxime Bernier over a tweet.

    “The CAJ is mindful that several sections of the Criminal Code prohibit the wilful promotion of hatred. For this reason, we urge the RCMP, and other law enforcement bodies, to launch investigations immediately,” the CAJ said in a press release.

    In response to CAJ’s call for an investigation, PPC Spokesperson Martin Masse told True North in an emailed statement that characterizing Bernier’s tweet as hateful was incorrect.

    “There was nothing ‘hateful’ in Mr. Bernier’s tweet. He simply asked his supporters to write to these journalists and tell them what they think of their disgusting loaded questions implying that PPC supporters are violent neonazis. Their email addresses are publicly available in their Twitter bio in the case of two of them, and on her CTV bio page for the other one,” said Masse.

    “Instead of attacking us, the CAJ should try and raise the quality of journalism in this country and promote ethical and professional standards among its members. Their members who are leftist activists masquerading as journalists are the ones who have been harassing us for years with their offensive questions. They are the one promoting hatred against hundreds of thousands of PPC supporters. They are despicable bullies.”

    Last week, in response to numerous media inquiries alleging PPC ties to white nationalism, Bernier posted the public emails of the journalists involved and called on his supporters to write to them.

    “If you want to write to these idiots to tell them what you think of their disgusting smear jobs, here are their email addresses. They want to play dirty, we will play dirty too,” wrote Bernier in the tweet.

    Afterwards, Twitter temporarily suspended Bernier’s account.

    Several legacy media organizations including the CBC condemned Bernier and accused him of targeting journalists who reportedly received threats and harassment as a result of the tweet.

    In response, Masse stated that the media’s biased coverage of the PPC has alternatively put many of the party’s diverse candidates in danger.

    “Because of the offensive lies that they keep publishing about us, many of our candidates (including Jews, and men and women of colour) were verbally attacked while canvassing, and their signs destroyed, during the election campaigns in 2019 and this year,” said Masse.

  8. “Exclusive Eyewitness Account: I Saw Over 1000 Bodies in Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University”
    @35:25 Dr. Li Wenliang’s “Suspicious” Infection and Possible “Murder”
    Inconvenient Truths by Jennifer Zeng – September 28, 2021

    The Story Of Coronavirus Whistleblower: Dr Li Wenliang
    Brut India – March 18, 2020

  9. 131 Federal Judges Caught Breaking The Law – They Ruled On Cases Where They Had A “Financial Interest”
    Adam Casalino
    3-4 minutes

    131 Federal Judges Caught Breaking The Law – They Ruled On Cases Where They Had A “Financial Interest”
    What’s Happening:

    With Joe Biden and Democrats running amuck in D.C., it falls to our judiciary branch to protect our rights and freedoms. Federal judges, on various courts across the land, make rulings that affect each one of us every day.

    But can the people who interpret and uphold the law be trusted?

    When Donald Trump was president, he set a record in appointing more federal judges than previous presidents. These conservative-minded judges were hand-picked for their commitment to the Constitution and our ethics.

    However, it looks like he didn’t appoint enough. Because there are some snakes left in the judiciary.

    Important Covid Videos – May 9, 2021

    Civid-19 Documents
    9. COVID-RX – Dr. Chetty – 8th Day Therapy – 12 May 2021

    See Tool Bar – Covid-19 Media
    “Meeting of the COVID-19 Giants with Geert Vanden Bossche and Robert Malone…” Streamed live on September 25, 2021

  11. AUSTRALIA – Berejiklian resigns as New South Wales premier

    Gladys Berejiklian has resigned as premier of New South Wales after it was revealed she is under investigation from ICAC.

    She will also step down as the member for Willoughby, which will trigger a by-election.

    + comments on the YT page

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