Open post on prison Melbourne for September 23, 2021


It feels like now is a good time to reiterate one of the philosophical premises under which this site posts.

The left’s attack on our civilization, which is all but complete at this point, has many vectors. One of the most effective within the greater category of linguistic based attacks, is taxonomy. The left constantly adjusts the level of abstraction, or put another way, the level of categorization one uses in order to turn your point into an attack on you. To make up an example, say you have a problem with coyotes on your farm. The left would make it about mammals and that mammals are bad and we should get rid of all farm animals. Something they seem to be trying to do as a matter of fact.

In context, there are a number of attacks on The West using this strategy which must be understood for what they are, which are taxonomic attacks.


War is bad

Cops are bad

Vaccines are bad

Etc. ad nauseam. We have to remember that war is bad when the cost of it is higher than the reward, or that there is no moral imperative for it. But when fighting for the survival of your freedom, culture, people, lives, its cheaper to fight the war, so war is good, or at least the lesser bad of the options.

Police are great when they protect your civil rights, property and safety from criminals, and in the US, when they uphold their oaths to protect the people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. But when they become mere thugs of the state, blunt force instruments of tyrants, obviously bad. 

Vaccines follow the same logic as police and war. When the overall cost benefit is there, great. When its questionable or forced on a population as an instrument of tyranny, not so much. Accusing people of being pro or anti any of these things is a taxanomic attack on them in order to defeat something other than the issue. As is often stated, with the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point. With this in mind, we may be able to judge events in Australia with a clearer head. Not that it looks any better. But we should know where to direct the anger. At the moment, Canadian police are the opposite of Melbourne’s. They have formed groups in opposition to using them as state thugs. Now that there are vaxx passports in play in Ontario, we shall see if that changes. But the issue is not police. Its THOSE police, because they are no longer police. They are the people driving the tanks in Tiananmen Square.

Thanks to some dedicated readers there is a lot of great videos and information about what is taking place in the city-prison of Melbourne Australia. Please post additional videos and news to the comments in this post for the rest of September 23 if you would, and as able, I will move some or all to the post itself to the point where it is practical. This post will be updated all day.

Starting with this observation from Malevolent Pixie:

Things are grim in Melbourne Vlad.
I’ve been trawling for info all afternoon and have found scant reporting.
From the following video it looks like a total blackout while a military style operation in underway, whilst the corporate media pump out propaganda denigrating the protesters.
Quote from video: “Guys! anyone with a camera in their hands like me today is at a high risk of being arrested, even with a good reason”
“I just copped a $5000 fine, but it was worth it”
“were in a prison here in Victoria boys”

Hunting Humans:

Avi Yemeni report on counter-terrorism units deployed against construction workers protesting

Funny how if you George Floyd a man who is not a thug, thief, mugger and high on lethal amounts of drugs, no one gives a crap.

This seems kind of arbitrary

Police kick man in face while being held down by 3 cops

Some powerful photos:

Police tell Avi Yemeni he has to cover the riots from remote police station

This appears to be a ‘best of’ state thugs videos. But its missing a lot I can swear. I have seen much worse in Telegram videos and sent in to the comments

Sky News, the only non enemy propaganda news network we know of in Australia other than Avi Yemeni and Rebel News, does this coverage of the mass arrests police have made of freedom protestors.

(Can’t say I agree with the Shrine narrative though. If I wanted to seem fair I would call it “competing narratives” or something. But those who died fighting the Ottoman Empire, or the Nazis or the Japanese, all fought and died for freedom. So it seems the perfect place to protest the edicts of Oberführer Dan Andrews)

Day three at the shrine

Victoria police are banning aerial video and photos of the demonstrations. Not sure how this can be said to be anything other than a police state when they want to thug the public and block any reportage or evidence getting out. I hope every protestor in Melbourne has a body cam.

This is 9 News which is blatantly enemy propaganda. You can often tell from the choice of, and use of, totally unnecessary harsh adjectives to tell you how to think about an event, rather than inform you about the event. So all we know about this really is, they closed a vaxx centre.

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  1. 1. Jews – Yom Kippur fines
    2. Construction Workers – (“trade unionists”)
    3. ? pastors, nurses, shop-keepers, poker players, bowlers

    Niemöller was a Lutheran minister and early Nazi supporter who was later imprisoned for opposing Hitler’s regime. US Holocaust Memorial Museum

  2. ‘This is not who we are’: Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp reflects on the protests

    Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Sally Capp discusses this week’s protests with Leigh Sales, and says “it’s really sad to see rioters do this to our city.”

  3. the rebel- Riot squad fires rubber bullets and tear gas to CRUSH construction worker uprising

    Watch the moment a counter-terror squad confronted UNARMED construction workers peacefully marching Melbourne’s streets to protest the world’s longest and harshest lockdown.

  4. 9 News Australia – Melbourne protester in hospital with COVID-19

    There are fears Melbourne’s protests could become a super-spreader event after a person who attended the rallies tested positive for COVID-19.

    The Department of Health last night confirmed that a person who attended the protests in Melbourne’s CBD on Wednesday is being treated for the virus.

  5. 7 News – ‘They should be ASHAMED!’ | Melbourne vaccine hubs targeted by protesters

    Police are being forced to patrol Melbourne’s major vaccine hubs.. to protect health care workers from vile attacks.

    Nurses were heckled and even spat on during yesterday’s protests.. shutting down two sites until at least Monday.

    Staff have also been told not to wear uniforms, lanyards or scrubs in the city.

  6. COVID, Healthcare and the Melbourne Protests | Q+A

    If Melbourne’s anti-vaccination protests turn out to be super-spreader events, how will the healthcare system and wider community cope?


    Brian Schmidt, Nobel laureate and Vice-Chancellor, ANU;

    Lidia Morawska, International Air Quality expert;

    Michael Biercuk, Quantum Physicist and innovator;

    Vanessa Pirotta, Wildlife scientist and science communicator;

    Toby Walsh, Artificial Intelligence expert;

    Kirsten Banks, Astrophysicist and science communicator.

  7. SEPTEMBER 24 2021

    sky news australia – Victoria Police out in force on Melbourne streets as protests head into 5th day

    Victorian Police have descended on the streets of Melbourne in a show of force ahead of planned anti-vaccination protests on Friday.

    Correspondence on social media has law enforcement officials concerned over the potential for a large-scale rally as demonstrators head into their 5th day.

    • the guardian – Victoria police investigate arrest footage as concerns raised over use of force

      Victoria police will investigate an incident at Melbourne’s Flinders Street station after vision of a man being thrown to the ground was shared on social media.

      The footage emerged after four days of protests in Melbourne that began with members of the CFMEU resisting a government mandate for compulsory coronavirus vaccinations.

      The movement was seized upon by anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown groups, with the police presence increasing in response

    • sky news austalia – The narrative on Melbourne’s violent protests got ‘truly bizarre’

      The narrative about who was to blame for Melbourne’s violent protests got “truly bizarre,” according to Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

      Some media linked the violence seen during the protests to far-right groups, while CFMEU’s Dave Noonan said anti-vax groups and “extreme right neo-Nazis” carried the blame.

      On Wednesday during the ABC’s Afternoon Briefing program, academic Greg Barton speculated the “political context” in Melbourne was different during the protests.

      “We’ve got a Labor government that’s being hammered by some elements of the Murdoch press to be frank, and that’s created a permissive environment for people going on about dictator Dan,” Mr Barton told the ABC’s Patricia Karvelas.

      According to Mr Houghton, Karvelas did not challenge Barton on his views.

      “The ABC blames the Murdoch media for the construction worker protests,” Mr Houghton said.

      “She (Karvelas) allowed the conspiracy theory to be aired across the nation.”

    • 9 News Australia – Police arrest anti-vax protestors in Melbourne

      ….Several police officers have been forced to isolate after beeing exposed to a Covid-positive activist…

    • 7 News Australia – Melbourne construction worker’s desperate message after COVID mistake

      . One construction worker is sharing his battle with COVID-19, to convince other tradies to get the jab.


      Harold Flite 6 hours ago

      Looks like a genuine Australian tradie if ever I've seen you can't see through this, you're beyond help.

      Darren S 4 hours ago

      They should bring in mandatory vaccinations for the police to protect themselves and ensure they don’t spread COVID into the community


    • Northcote Plaza, Australia Invading Ourselves

      Melbourne’s militarised police at Northcote Plaza push a protest gathering from the car park, through to the plaza, then through a park with a children’s playground on 24/09/2021

    • sky news australia – Victoria Police censored ‘vital’ media coverage of Melbourne protests

      Victoria Police censored vital media coverage of Melbourne’s protests by banning the live-streaming of aerial footage, according to Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

      On Wednesday the Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved a Victoria Police ban of all helicopters bar their own flying over Melbourne CBD.

      “A media blackout,” Mr Houghton said.

      “A pathetic attempt by an over-zealous police force which lost control of its own city.

      “You deserve to know what’s happening in your city every moment of every day, and in my experience, police only ever want you to stop filming when they are worried about stuffing something up.”

    • RT- Did Australia have enough? The longest COVID lockdown provokes protests

      The anti-restrictions protest in Melbourne has truly exceeded all other rallies that took place in Australia since the beginning of the pandemic.

      People think that the local govt has gone too far in introducing safety measures and restrictions, and obviously they are not keeping it to themselves any longer.

    • 7 News – Anti-lockdown protesters forced out of Melbourne and into the suburbs

      ….superspreading event tomorrow

      Chris Gallagher 7 hours ago

      Do they really think we believe anything they say anymore

      DIZZ MAN 10 hours ago

      the reporters love every minute of this - they get so excited,
      you can see the happiness and smirks in their faces with all this trouble going on
      it keeps them in a job


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