Important and astonishing history of how hydroxychloroquine was suppressed and could have saved hundreds of thousands

Testimony from Dr. Steven Hatfill at the Rome summit on Covid. There will be more videos from this event soon.

The original link for this video is here.

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    • – Meanwhile… and then, they tell us it’s safe. I wonder if the day will come that 1 out of 8 jabbed people will feel its consequences? –

      “The esteemed New England Journal of Medicine posted a correction last week and now admits the COVID vaccine may not be safe for pregnant women.

      “The study was updated after it found that 104 of 827 pregnant participants experienced a spontaneous abortion after receiving the COVID vaccine. That is roughly 1 of 8 pregnant women losing their baby after getting the vaccine.”

      • Actually it’s even worse, the study showed that there was ans 82% miscarriage rate among 1 & 2 trimester pregnancies. They put 3rd trimester women into the study even though the study was about 1 & 2 trimester pregnancies to alter the actual rate of miscarriages down to 10-12%.

  1. Tablet Magazine published excellent coverage of this issue by Norman Dodge, a neurologist I believe. It is a very well written piece of philosophy.

    One of the interesting things I gleaned is that the fraudulent studies which helped suppressed Hydroxychloroquine were cited in Health Canada’s statement on their decision to ban its use. Those studies were quickly retracted, but not before a large RCS on Hydroxychloroquine was stopped. Although when the fraud was revealed the WHO no longer strongly opposed its use.

    Health Canada continued to cite those studies. They took the statement down, but the ban remains in effect.

  2. Vlad,

    In one of your posts this morning you mentioned that in your opinion Jason Kenny and Doug Ford were on the “good side” but then flipped. I’m not sure about Ford but in the past Kenny was on the “good side”.

    If you look around the world virtually every major politician has flipped to the consensus that tyranny is the solution to COVID . Surely all these politicians of every stripe cannot rationally think in unison like this. It is like some external power (Gates, Soros , Globalists , CCP etc.) have bribed , coerced , black mailed , bribed , or threatened them of their family in some way. How else can one explain the universal behavior?

    You may wish to post this video on your site. .. “The Story of Ivermectin”. It is not new to those who have been following HCL and Ivermectin , but is very well presented and informative naming the heroes and villains.

    The Story of Ivermectin

  3. Gay USA 11/11/20
    President-Elect Biden’s COVID task force includes veterans of AIDS work and out gay Dr. Rick Bright.

    Rick Bright

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