Chris Sky speaks last at Ottawa Freedom Rally

Chris is an interesting character. He has a knack for annoying pretty much everyone at some point. But he was the only one who spoke at the event who actually directly addressed the issue of what can we do, and correctly, in my view, assessed that you cannot vote your way out of tyranny. Whatever anyone may think of him, I suggest listening to the message. Its a lot more important than the messenger.

I started recording this speech on one device, and ran out of power in the middle and switched to another camera. So there are a few missing seconds. You can see where I added a transition to mark that spot.

Also 3Speak as a platform has always been buggy as hell. But we like it for a few reasons, one of which is that The Baron can actually watch videos on it with his connection while other platforms do not work for him. But now, I notice it really doesn’t work on Safari. So you will need to use another browser to see this video, or any of the ones I am posting from 3Speak.

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