Toronto Dr and epidemiologist calls in to what was Rush Limbaugh show and knocks them out of the park for 15 minutes

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CLAY: Paul in Toronto, Canada, has been waiting with us for a little while. Paul, what you got for us?

CALLER: Hey, thank you guys for having me on your show. I’m an infectious diseases epidemiologist with expertise in covid. I’ve been working in this for 19 months. So I wanted to just raise a point here. Our focus — my work — is in early treatment, which is that early treatment existed absent of the vaccine that we could have used to close this thing out. I’m saying here openly — I’m sharing my view based on all of the science right now — children are not candidates for these vaccines, under any circumstance. […]

This has been false by the CDC and NIH. This is a pandemic of the vaccinated. Because when you look at the data out of U.K., most up to dated data is up to date. We see that the persons who have died infected with Delta, 70% of the deaths reported by Britain today — today — are those were double vaccinated. So what the media is saying is a complete misleading to the public.

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  1. I’ve always wondered why viruses and bacteria killed their hosts but it seems that ideally (from the infections’ evolutionary standpoint) they actually don’t (but ride along with their host and infect others.

    So what the initial doctor said made a lot of heuristic sense (to a non-expert); however, I have one question which the explanation for the delta virus raises: every fall in some countries people are vaccinated against the prevailing strains of influenza virus. Why then do not at least some of these viruses respond by mutating into more powerful configurations (or do they? Is that what superbugs are? But I thought that these were bacteria resistant to antibiotics and not viruses). Again, I’m definitely not an expert but that’s my two cents’ worth.

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