Truth sneaks out here and there about the vaxxed and getting serious Covid: Links 3, September 19, 2021

1. “Italian medical staff attempt to correct the narrative on vaxx status of ICU patients

2. EXPOSED: 52 Percent Receiving Monoclonal Antibody Treatment in Broward County Are Fully Vaxxed

The “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative is crumbling.

According to the 2020 census, 1.94 million people live in Broward County. Of those who have taken advantage of monoclonal antibody treatment made accessible by Governor Ron DeSantis, 52 percent are fully vaccinated.

This very simple fact conflicts with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) assertion that the “utilization of monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs” is greater in “areas of the country with low vaccination rates”.

Despite No Shortage, Biden Team Restricts Supply

The revelation also comes as the Biden team has choked off Florida’s supply of monoclonal antibodies even though there is no shortage of the therapeutic, as pointed out by Governor DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw.

“Biden Admin admits there is NO national shortage of monoclonal antibody treatments,” Pushaw tweeted in part on Friday. “[B]ut they want to hoard the supply for Northeast winter surge instead of working to ramp up production to meet the needs of all states,” she continued.

(Go to 5:10 mark for stat)

3. John Durham, the special prosecutor assigned with probing the US Government’s 2016 investigation into Russian election interference, has charged a Democrat-tied cybersecurity lawyer with lying to the FBI

4. Some things are so transparently authoritarian they are actually funny.

In Mesa, Millions of Covid Relief Funds Will Go To High-Tech Police Surveillance

This summer, the city of Mesa announced ambitious plans for a “real-time crime center”: a 24/7 surveillance hub fitted with a “video wall” of streaming CCTV cameras at police headquarters.

The price tag is high: The technology for the center alone will cost the city over $3 million. Recently, though, the city settled on an innovative source of funding for the project: federal Covid relief dollars, which are designated for local “public health” spending in the city.

Currently, $3.3 million of the $52 million Mesa received in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) earlier this year is earmarked for the center. (The city will still have to foot the bill for staffing and remodeling, without the help of the relief money.) City leaders say they hope to have the system up and running by December.

“It’ll be very high tech,” deputy city manager Michael Kennington promised the city council at an August 26 meeting. Mesa’s mayor, John Giles, has since greenlit the proposal.

5. Calgary Freedom march hears Maxime Berniner quote Thomas Jefferson

Thank you M., ML., C., Yucki, PC., Mad W., Paul W., RDawg, Johnny U. and everyone who participated in their own and each other’s liberation by whatever means is at your disposal.

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