Bribed to silence Vaxx damage, and Oz treats the vaxxed only with Ivermectin?

These are claims and not evidenced. But at this point, these claims are far more credible than the official narrative.

1. Student golfer gets myocarditis from vaxx, offered bribe to shut up about it

2. Nurse of 40 years in Australia reveals secret that should make us all really, really angry

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4 Replies to “Bribed to silence Vaxx damage, and Oz treats the vaxxed only with Ivermectin?”

  1. 1 Could it be, that all those who had serious heart inflamations from the Covaxx, would have died if they got the Covidd?

    “An Oxford-led study conducted recently established that over 50%, or 5 out of every 10 COVID-19 patients with a severe infection have a high chance of getting a heart attack days, or weeks after recovery. Many recover, while others succumb. In some of the cases, it has also been witnessed that those who had zero heart risks before contracting COVID-19 reported cardiac issues after recovering from the virus infection.”

    If so, could this simply mean we are looking at the reaction of lobsters?

    • Not likely. The myocarditis from the “vaccine” seems to overwhelmingly affect young athletic males, while the disease overwhelmingly affects older, overweight people with other comorbidities while leaving young athletic people almost symptomless. My family has all had covid and the pattern fit the general data. My daughter and son-in-law are both in their early 20’s and active and, for them, Covid was like a mild head cold that lasted about 3-4 days. For my wife and I who are older and somewhat less active, it was like a mild flu with a cough that lasted for about 8-10 days. My son is 19 and an athletic martial artist. He barely had any symptoms at all. None of us are getting the covaxx. My wife’s sister and her husband are both very overweight and both went to the hospital due to the disease. While there, the brother-in-law was intubated, ventilated, got 3 secondary infections from the hospital, was given a tracheotomy, and is now counting himself lucky to be alive. Sister-in-law recovered without being ventilated.

      • P.S. For the record, the only one with heart issues after recovering is the brother-in-law that was ventilated. He was considered medium risk before due solely to lifestyle and eating habits. He had no other heart disease indicators before. Now, he’s got high blood pressure and other markers for heart disease. My son, who is the most likely to be the one with heart issues from the covaxx, recently had a physical and came away with absolutely no indicators of heart or other health problems even though he did show immunity to the virus.

      • Thank you Shoal Creek. I’m sorry for the harm the virus caused.

        Your family contracted the virus, and your wife’s sister and husband filled hospital beds – where he needed a tracheotomy.

        Would taking the mRNA vaccine have prevented this?

        “Persons Aged 12 – 15 Years

        Serious Adverse Events
        The proportions of participants who reported at least 1 serious adverse event were 0.4% in the vaccine group and 0.2% in the placebo group. No serious adverse events were considered by FDA as possibly related to vaccine.”

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