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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. It has come to our attention that many of our supporters are concerned about whether they will be allowed to vote if they are not vaccinated or exempt from wearing a mask.

    Despite some posts circulating social media stating otherwise, we would like to remind everyone that they will still be allowed to vote regardless of provincial passport systems.

    We have prepared reference sheets for each province that voters can print and bring with them to the polls. These documents can be provided directly to poll workers if they are giving you any grief related to covid protocols. Each document contains QR codes that can be scanned by poll workers to direct them to the relevant Elections Canada guidelines or provincial mandates.

    British Columbia
    New Brunswick
    Nova Scotia
    Prince Edward Island
    Newfoundland & Labrador

    Voters looking for more information regarding rules and regulations for the 44th Canadian federal election can call 1-800-463-6868.

    Concerns and complaints regarding this subject matter can be sent to Our team will be ready to assist in any way we can!

    We want to help ensure our voters are comfortable and confident with this process, and most importantly, get out and vote!

    The links:







    New Brunswick:

    Nova Scotia:


    Newfoundland and Labrador:

    Vaccine may be added to leafy greens; but intense opposition is expected – Liberty Unyielding
    Hans Bader
    5-6 minutes

    Vaccine may be added to leafy greens; but intense opposition is expected


    Vaccines could be administered painlessly by eating tasty genetically-enhanced greens. But green activists oppose that. So that alternative to getting a shot won’t become a reality anytime soon. That’s too bad, because people avoid getting vaccinated just because it hurts. My daughter refused to get vaccinated for COVID-19 for weeks, to avoid the pain of getting a shot. But she has no problem eating chewable medicine tablets, or drinking grape-flavored cold medicine.

    At the National Review, ethicist Wesley Smith notes that “Scientists are conducting an experiment that, if successful, would permit us to receive some vaccines and other medicines by eating food rather than by jab.” Study Finds reports that “Vaccinations can be a controversial subject for many people, especially when it comes to injections. So what if you could replace your next shot with a salad instead? Researchers at the University of California-Riverside are working on a way to grow edible plants that carry the same medication as an mRNA vaccine.”

    The researchers hope that by modifying the genes of edible plants, they can carry the vaccine in a way that lasts longer and is stored more easily. They plan to deliver DNA containing mRNA vaccines into plant cells, where they can replicate. “Ideally, a single plant would produce enough mRNA to vaccinate a single person,” said professor Juan Pablo Giraldo.

    • Saudis are going to sell them oil on good terms. The petrodollar is dead.

      The [im]potus regime is deliberately sabotaging our relationship with the Gulfies. Losing their U.S. security umbrella and diplomatic protection throws them into the arms of China and Russia.
      (The S-400 is better than the Patriot anyway.)

  3. What Really Happened in Wuhan I Sky News Australia Documentary

    Investigative journalist Sharri Markson reveals explosive information about the origins of Covid-19.

  4. Dr Mike Ryan Interview | The Irishman at the World Health Organization

    Mike Ryan, Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme, has been one of the most influential and recognisable people giving us advice about how to protect ourselves from the Covid 19 virus.

    An expert in communicable diseases, he has been a crucial part of the global response to the virus, continually emphasising vaccine justice and the need to vaccinate everyone on the planet.

    His reassuring, if tough, interventions made us all feel we could trust him to tell us the truth about this once in a lifetime threat to the world.

    He will be interviewed by Paul Cullen, Health Editor for the Irish Times.

  5. CBC News – National Canadian Muslim council issues recommendations for Ottawa to tackle Islamophobia

    Mustafa Farooq, chief executive officer of the National Council of Canadian Muslims says leaders of the major federal parties have not done enough to address the challenges of systemic racism and anti-Muslim hate and violence.

  6. CBC – Pfizer-BioNTech says its COVID-19 vaccine safe, effective in kids aged 5-11

    Pfizer and BioNTech say their COVID-19 vaccine induced a robust immune response in five- to 11-year-olds.

    They plan to seek approval to use the vaccine in children in that age range in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere as soon as possible.

  7. CBC – Alberta health-care unions call on Kenney for military support

    Four Alberta unions representing more than 100,000 health-care workers have written a letter to Premier Jason Kenney, pleading for help from the military in the province’s battle with COVID-19.

    The fourth wave of the pandemic is hitting Alberta particularly hard as doctors are preparing triage protocols and many hospitals have cancelled elective surgeries.

    • global news – Hindus amass for India’s elephant god Lord Ganesha festival as COVID-19 cases rise

      Thousands of worshippers gathered across India to immerse idols of the Hindu elephant god Lord Ganesha in water.

      The ceremonies took place in a week that saw rising COVID-19 cases.

      Elaborately painted and decorated idols are worshipped before they are taken during mass processions to rivers, lakes and the sea, where they are immersed in accordance with Hindu faith.

      The immersion ceremony, known as “Visarjan,” signifies divine entities returning to their homes after being the guests of the devotees for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

    • ABC News – Pfizer: COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for children as young as 5

      The company says the trial found the vaccine produced MINIMAL side effects, SIMILAR to those found in adults and older children. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • MSNBC – Dr. Patel: News That Pfizer Vaccine Is Safe For Kids Is ‘Incredible’

      Former Obama White House Policy Director, Dr. Kavita Patel, joined Stephanie Ruhle to respond to Pfizer’s announcement Monday that its Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective for children ages 5 to 11.

      She explains what the news means for the future of the pandemic and discusses the FDA advisory panel’s vote against Pfizer booster shots for those younger than 65.

    • bloomberg- Pfizer Covid Vaccine Safely Boosts Antibodies in Children Ages 5 to 11

      … their Covid-19 vaccine was safe and produced strong antibody responses in children ages 5 to 11 in a large-scale trial, findings that could pave the way to begin vaccinating grade-school kids within months.

      […] Pressure to immunize kids has been on the climb in the U.S., where a new school year has started just as the delta variant is fueling a surge in cases.

    • sky news UK – Vaccine stocks could be wasted, warns Gordon Brown

      Former PM Gordon Brown has called on countries to act quickly to save 100 million shots of COVID-19 vaccine that are set to expire.

      Mr Brown warned that ‘Africa could become the centre for #COVID19’ unless we send unwanted vaccines, says Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, adding it will ‘hurt the rest of the world’.

    • Deutsche Pravda- Vaccine rewards: How Germany is trying to entice the unvaccinated

      Germany staged 1,500 campaigns in its vaccination “action week.”

      The result: 500,000 people were vaccinated for the first time with a free jab at mosques, supermarkets and football pitches.

      But will that be enough?

    • UK – Whitty: Vaccine myth spreaders should be ‘ashamed’

      England’s chief medical officer on Tuesday took aim at those who spread misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines after being asked about comments from US rapper Nicki Minaj.

      The singer indicated in a series of tweets that she may have contracted COVID-19 but said she would not be pressured into getting a vaccine shot for the Met Gala, which she did not attend.

      She tweeted Monday that the New York event required guests to be jabbed and also shared an unsubstantiated story about vaccine risks and impotency.

      “There are a number of myths that fly around… some of which are just clearly ridiculous and some of which are clearly designed just to scare,” Whitty said. “That happens to be one of them. That is untrue.”

      Whitty said people “peddling untruths” to discourage others from getting the vaccine should be “ashamed” of themselves.

    • Australia: Violence erupts outside Melbourne union office over vaccine mandate

      Violent protest erupted outside a trade union office in Melbourne on Monday as crowds gathered to rally against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for construction workers.

      Leaders and other members of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) were forced to take shelter inside as protesters threw bottles and other projectiles at the entrance to the union’s Victoria headquarters, breaking windows.

      People from inside the building sprayed water and used a fire extinguisher in a bid to disperse the crowd before riot police arrived on scene to clear the area.

      The CFMEU released a statement via Twitter condemning the ‘attack’ on its branch, and alleging that the “crowd was heavily infiltrated by neo-Nazis and other right wing extremist groups,” rather than being made up of real union members.

      The state government’s recent decision makes it mandatory for construction workers to have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to work starting Friday, September 25.

      According to local media, Victoria’s state government has announced a partial shut down of the construction industry in the state in part as a reaction to the violence, and give time for workers to meet the vaccine requirement.

    • sky news australia – Palaszczuk set to reopen Queensland at 90 per cent vaccination rate

      Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has flagged a 90 per cent vaccination rate for the state’s reopening, deviating from the 80 per cent target as agreed in National Cabinet.

      Ms Palaszczuk is said to be “very comfortable” with a 90 per cent target to begin reopening the state’s borders, despite lagging behind the rest of the country in the vaccine rollout.

      Queensland currently has the lowest rates of vaccination per state in the country, with just 59.7 per cent of the population having received their first dose of the vaccine, and 41.4 per cent for both doses.

    • bloomberg – Biden’s Vaccine Booster and Export Plans Collide at Summit

      The move comes even as the U.S. plans to give booster doses to millions of fully inoculated Americans.

    • AUSTRALIA – Workers protest outside CFMEU HQ in Melbourne

      Workers protested against CFMEU’s apparent decision to back mandatory mRNA injections. What became evident during this protest was that it was not only about mandatory jabs but the whole circus of the Andrews’ Labor Government’s response over 18 months.

      As protest numbers swelled over several hours, Mr Setka, head of the CFMEU, after a failed address to protestors, remained inside the office building behind lines of ‘body guard’ men. Protestors stated a number of these were hired bikies.

      After being told to wait for Setka’s response for ‘just one more hour’ protestors discovered that Setka was labelling the protestors as ‘extremists’ while speaking to Neil Mitchell on 3AW.

      As it became clear to the group, the CFMEU was not going to back down from their decision of a mandatory injection. No jab, no job. Tempers quickly flared and projectiles were thrown at the bodyguards, who then retreated, only to have their shopfront pelted and badly damaged. Those inside then retaliated by spraying various contents of fire-hydrants at the men outside.

      The Public Order Response Team who had been parked around the corner quickly made their presence known, marching towards the protestors and firing ‘non-lethal’ weapons to disperse them.

      A number of protestors noted that the police and the bikies were both protecting the CFMEU men inside.

      The protestors would not be so easily dispersed and remained in the area for a considerable time. The CFMEU men from inside somehow ended out the back of their building where an all-out street battle nearly took place before police intervened, again turning on the protestors much more so than the CFMEU management.

      It is very likely that many CFMEU members will now tear up their member’s card as this was shouted a number of times in the afternoon.

    • 7 News Australia – Violence erupts outside CFMEU headquarters in Melbourne as tradies protest mandatory jabs

      Wild scenes outside CFMEU headquarters in Elizabeth Street. Construction workers turning on their own union over mandatory jabs.

    • Conservative Tree House – Massive Development in Victoria, Australia – Major Trade Union CFMEU Goes To War Against Union Leadership and Politicians Over Mandated Vaccinations

      – Premier Daniel Andrews Shuts Down Industry

      September 20, 2021 | Sundance | 259 Comments

      This is a huge development in the battle for freedom in Victoria, Australia. It cannot be overstated.

      The Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) has declared war against their own leadership, John Setka, for not fighting against the mandatory COVID vaccine.

      As he was attempting to hunker down in his office headquarters, union boss John Setka physically came under attack from his own union membership over his political relationship with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.



      LIVE now – will police back the CFMEU in Melbourne streets?

      CFMEU boss John Setka has been verbally abused and accosted by a massive group of workers, mostly men without masks, outside the union’s headquarters in Melbourne.

      The Victorian state secretary tried to address the crowd, who mostly donned high vis jumpers, to address their concerns about mandatory vaccination and passports in construction.

      But he could hardly get a word in, and the mob turned violent – pushing and shoving – as he attempted to retreat within the Carlton headquarters.

      As he tried to leave, members of the group lobbed bottles and trays at him and other union representatives.

      Mr Setka could be seen holding his hands up as the group surged forward near the entrance and appeared to break out in a scuffle.



      DAILY MAIL – Melbourne braced for CHAOS and violent protests today as furious tradies vow to fight Dan Andrews’ shock shutdown of the $22B construction industry – after anti-vaxxers staged running battles with police and their own union bosses

      Victorian premier has shut down majority of construction sites for two weeks following violent protest

      Dan Andrews shut down $22billion industry much to fury of thousands of workers and cost of $455m a day

      Melbourne construction workers protested outside CFMEU office on Monday against new Covid regulations

      Workers wearing hi-vis hurled verbal abuse at union officials in front of building before clashing with police

      Rioters kicked in glass, smashed windows and broke into the union headquarters as cops fired rubber bullets

      […]Mass demonstration is planned outside CFMEU building again on Tuesday morning with more violence feared

      […]The rally, titled ‘Victorian Workers Rally For Freedom’ calls for an end to vaccine mandates, with the group vowing the ‘rally will continue until demands are met.’

      […]Shutting down the construction sector will cost about $455million a day and see 300,000 Victorians out of work, but officials believe it is the only course of action with so many cases linked to building sites and the lack of vaccine compliance from workers.

      […]With the warnings falling on deaf ears, Melbourne is now braced for an even larger protest on Tuesday.

      […]‘They’re not really unionists, they’re just the scum of the earth as far as I’m concerned,’ Mr Setka told The Herald Sun.

      ‘Those drunken fascist un-Australian morons are the reason construction workers will be sitting at home and not getting paid for at least the next two weeks,’ Mr Setka said.

      […]‘This crowd was heavily infiltrated by neo-Nazis and other right wing extremist groups and it is clear that a minority of those who participated were actual union members.’

    • ‘Not yet’: Bolsonaro turns down Johnson’s call to get AstraZeneca vaccines

      Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro turned down Boris Johnson’s call to ‘get AstraZeneca vaccines’ during a meeting in New York on Monday.

      The UK prime minister praised the vaccine, saying he has had it twice.

      In response, Bolsonaro pointed to himself, laughing, and wagged his finger.

      ‘Not yet,’ he said through an interpreter.

      Bolsonaro boasted he had developed ‘excellent’ immunity to Covid after contracting it

      Boris Johnson uses Bolsonaro meeting to promote AstraZeneca jab

  8. Inquiry launched into ‘lost messages’ between Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer CEO

    The European Ombudsman has demanded that Commission President Ursula von der Leyen explain how she lost text messages that she exchanged with the CEO of Pfizer during talks about vaccine procurement.

  9. VATICAN – Green Pass required for access into Vatican from 1 October

    The Governorate of Vatican City State issues a decree stipulating added measures to be taken as part of efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 within Vatican City State.

    From 1 October, entry into Vatican City State will only be permitted to persons who are in possession of a Vatican “Green Pass”, a “European Green Pass,” or a foreign Covid-19 green pass attesting to vaccination or recovery from SARS-COV-2. Entry will also be granted to those who have a negative molecular or antigenic test for the SARS-COV-2 virus.

    The new measures come in the form of a decree from the office of the President of the Pontifical Commission of Vatican City State on the subject of Public Health emergencies, issued in response to a request made by Pope Francis during an audience on 7 September.

    The Pope affirmed the necessity of ensuring “the health and well-being of the working community while respecting the dignity, rights and fundamental freedoms of each of its members,” and requested the Governorate to “adopt every suitable measure to prevent, control and counteract the health emergency.”

    The control of access to the State is the responsibility of the Gendarmerie Corps, the Decree notes, and its provisions “apply to citizens, residents of the State, personnel serving in any capacity in the Governorate of Vatican City State, in the various bodies of the Roman Curia and related institutions, and to all visitors and users of services.”

    An exception to the Decree is granted for those participating in liturgical celebrations, but only “for the time strictly necessary for the celebration,” during which health regulations regarding distancing, the use of personal protective equipment, limitation of movement and the assembly of people, and the adoption of specific hygiene norms must be respected.

    Verification of compliance with the new norms will be carried out by the Service for the Health and Safety of Workers in the workplaces of the Directorate of Health and Hygiene.


    WaPo- Vatican City enforces mandates for vaccines, COVID-19 test

    VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Starting Oct. 1, people wishing to enter Vatican City will have to provide proof they have received the vaccine, recovered from COVID-19 or tested negative for the virus within 72 hours.

    To enter Vatican City, people will have to present a Green Pass, the certification used in Italy to avoid the spread of the pandemic, or any international equivalent. The decision was announced on Monday (Sept. 20) and signed by Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, the president of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State and president of the Governorate of Vatican City State.

    “An exception is made for those who participate in the liturgical celebrations for the time that is strictly necessary to perform the rite,” the document read, adding that social distancing, mask mandates and hygiene measures will still apply.

    It remains unclear in the announcement whether faithful wishing to participate in Pope Francis’ weekly general audiences and Angelus prayers will also have to present a document certifying they are vaccinated or have tested negative to COVID-19.

    The decree also does not seem to specify whether there will be sanctions for those who fail to comply with the safety measures. In Italy the penalty for not presenting the Green Pass is withholding of salary or paying a fine.

    The Vatican police authorities will be charged with enforcing the decree, which applies to Vatican employees, visitors and people offering goods and services who wish to enter the small city-state.

    Pope Francis has strongly advocated in his speeches and in public service announcements for the COVID-19 vaccines. At the Vatican he created a COVID-19 commission charged with promoting and distributing vaccines, especially among the poor and disenfranchised.

    While most people at the Vatican have been vaccinated, including the pope himself and his predecessor Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, Francis said they are “studying how to help” those who remain hesitant.

    On the flight back from his apostolic visit to Slovakia and Hungary on Sept. 15, Pope Francis admitted that “even in the College of Cardinals there are some vaccine negationists.” He also spoke favorably of vaccines and their positive impact in history to prevent measles and polio.

    Francis addressed the concerns of vaccine skeptics, encouraging people not to give in to vitriol or anger toward the unvaccinated but instead engage them in conversation to “clarify things and speak calmly.”

    Some bishops and priests in the United States have spoken in favor of allowing conscientious objection for Catholics who object to the COVID-19 vaccine because of opposition to using fetal cell lines in their production and testing. The doctrinal authority at the Vatican has dismissed these concerns, and Pope Francis has called getting vaccinated “an act of love” and “morally acceptable.”

    Green pass required for Vatican visitors, but not for Papal ceremonies

    An ordinance issued by the Vatican requires all residents, employees, and visitors to show safety measures taken against Covid-19.

  10. Supreme Court Will Hear Direct Challenge To Roe In December
    Mary Margaret Olohan
    3-4 minutes

    The Supreme Court will hear a direct challenge to a highly divisive abortion case beginning Dec. 1, the court announced Monday.

    Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization deals with a 2018 Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks, a law challenged by the Center for Reproductive Rights, the law firm Paul Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, and the Mississippi Center for Justice on behalf of the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi — Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

    After the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the law in December 2019, the state of Mississippi asked the Supreme Court to take up the case. (RELATED: SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Abortion Advocates In Major Pro-Life Loss)

    Dobbs will touch on the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling since the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether abortion bans prior to fetal viability are constitutional, and the case will be one of the first major abortion cases in which all three of former President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court justice appointees participate, including Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who gained a seat on the court after a contentious confirmation process in October.

  11. Illegal Immigrants Rush to Mexico From Texas Camp to Avoid Deportations
    By Charlotte Cuthbertson and Zachary Stieber
    September 20, 2021 Updated: September 20, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    ACUNA, Mexico—Some of the thousands of illegal immigrants who have amassed near the Texas border are leaving the United States, returning to Mexico to pick up supplies or to avoid being deported back to their home countries.

    Haitians and others were witnessed on Sept. 20 crossing the Rio Grande to enter Acuna, Mexico, as they consider their options following a U.S. crackdown on the illegal immigrant camp under the international bridge just north of the border in Del Rio, Texas.

    Phanel, a Haitian who has been living in Chile for three years, was one of the immigrants who went to Acuna. He told The Epoch Times he was stocking up on supplies, including water and fruit, after hearing around the encampment that everybody who stayed would be deported.

  12. America Is Sending the Wrong Signals to Iran

    Do U.S. foreign policy advisers know who their friends in the Middle East actually are? The recent withdrawal by the U.S. of its most advanced missile defense system and Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia at a time when Houthi terrorists in Yemen regularly and deliberately target civilian areas in the Kingdom is the equivalent of America denying Israel its Iron Dome technology while it was under attack from Hamas.

    The Houthis, whose official slogan is “Death to America” and who targeted the U.S. Navy during the Obama era, have actually had their terrorist designation removed by the Biden administration. The claim is the removal helps facilitate the flow of aid into Yemen; strangely, aid still goes into Gaza despite Hamas remaining on the U.S. terror list.

    A bigger concern is the message these moves send to the Houthis and their Iranian backers. It beggars belief that the U.S. would extend an olive branch to an Iranian regime whose official doctrine is to support and export terror.
    The anti-Americans most certainly do.

    video – 16 mins 3 secs
    Pastor Doug Wilson discusses a trap that’s being set and how you should respond – don’t take the bait.


    BTS – “Permission to Dance” performed at the United Nations General Assembly | SDGs | Official Video

    K-Pop sensations BTS perform their hit song Permission to Dance in a video produced at the United Nations.

    The video accompanies the bands remarks at the SDG Moment and is meant to draw their audiences attention to the importance of Keeping the Promise of the Sustainable Development Goals and to inspire action.

    The SDG Moment serves to place an annual spotlight on the Sustainable Development
    Goals (SDGs) and will be held at the beginning of the United Nation’s General Assembly’s High-Level Week.

    It takes place as the world experiences a deeply uneven response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which risks creating a two-tier recovery with significant implications for the advancement of the SDGs, especially in developing countries.

    Convened by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the Moment will provide world leaders with a platform to showcase the bold plans, actions and solutions that are needed to end the COVID-19 pandemic and set the world on course towards achieving the SDGs.

    Held in advance of major meetings on food systems, climate, energy, jobs and social protection, the SDG Moment event is expected to build the momentum needed to deliver on the Decade of Action and Keep the Promise of the SDGs.

  15. Poland Blames Belarus Of Orchestrating Migrant Wave After Four Deaths Near Border
    A week after Warsaw imposed a state of emergency, four people were found dead, eight others were retrieved exhausted and parched near Poland-Belarus border.
    A week after Warsaw imposed a state of emergency, four people were found dead near the Poland-Belarus border. Following the incident, the Polish lawmakers accused Belarus and Russia of the significant increase in asylum seekers and mass movements across the border. “We are dealing with mass organised, well-directed action from Minsk and Moscow,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters on September 20, Monday.

    In a horrifying incident, as many as four migrants were found dead by the Polish Border guards on Monday. Additionally, eight others were retrieved exhausted and parched after they were found stuck in marshy terrain along the border. Seven out of them were immediately hospitalised, Al Jazeera reported. Thousand of migrants have been trying to enter Poland and other EU member countries namely- Latvia and Lithuania in recent weeks.

    EU suspects influx of immigrants fuelled by Minsk & Belarus
    Over 7000 refugees were spotted on the Poland-Belarus border since August, PM Morawiecki stated. Echoing his statement, EU country leaders also suspected that Belarus is backed by Russian allies “with great determination” to move “tens of thousands” of migrants from the Middle East and Africa. As reported by Al Jazeera, according to Morawiecki, the huge wave of asylum seekers was pushed towards the EU countries to assert “pressure of illegal immigration to the EU’s external borders” and as Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s retaliation for sanctions on his regime.
    The border crisis also prompted Emergency measures from Poland. Earlier this month, Poland declared a 30-days state of emergency to curtail the ongoing migrant crisis. As per the order, the country banned non-residents and media from the border areas. The current developments also attracted severe jibe from Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. On Monday, the leader hinted that Minsk is “using the migrants” to “seek revenge” against Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland for supporting Belarusian democratic forces. She also slammed the Belarus President’s regime as “irresponsible and inhumane.”

  16. September 4 2021 22:53 IST
    Poland: Afghan Family Tragically Loses Second Child In Two Days To Mushroom Poisoning
    The family along with the two boys came to Poland on August 23 following the Taliban seizure and were quarantined at a refugee centre in Podkowa Lesna
    A day after the death of a five-year-old kid, the second child of an Afghan family who had been airlifted from Kabul died in Poland after eating toxic mushrooms. In spite of getting an emergency liver transplant, the doctors were unable to save the life of the six-year-old boy.

    Both the kids were admitted to Warsaw’s major children’s hospital. Their 17-year-old sister was also admitted and treated in the hospital and was discharged in perfect health. According to doctors, the toxin doses were less harmful to an adult as they have higher body mass.
    The family along with the two boys came to Poland on August 23 following the Taliban seizure and were quarantined at a refugee centre in Podkowa Lesna, nearby Warsaw. In a statement, the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw said that the death of the child has been recorded. According to the hospital authorities, the youngsters ate the poisonous mushrooms the day after they came, yet the reason for their mushroom consumption is still unknown.

    As per the Office for Foreigners, which oversees migration centres in Poland, five people needed medical help for stomach issues, though they did not immediately reveal if they had eaten mushrooms. Officials are looking into the matter of whether the poisoning which happened last week was caused by carelessness.
    A representative from the Office for Foreigners, Jakub Dudziak, dismissed a news article stating that the youngsters ate the mushrooms as they were undernourished at the refugee centre. As per the representative, evacuees in the centre are supplied with three meals per day with each meal comprising a variety of calorically suitable foods, such as dairy products, meat, veggies, fruits, as well as beverages. Dudziak further added that the staff from the office of foreigners will now educate Afghan residents about the dangers of consuming items of uncertain origin.
    According to the news portal, the father of the children was an accountant for the British army for numerous years. Following the evacuation operation, Poland rescued nearly 1,231 Afghans, many on behalf of the European Union and other third-country international bodies.

    According to The Guardian, there are around 1,300 different types of mushrooms in Poland, with 200 of them being deadly. Mushrooms are a popular meal, but distinguishing the deadly ones from edible varieties requires a thorough knowledge indeed.

  17. Refugee group: 32 Afghans trapped between Poland and Belarus
    A Polish refugee rights group says 32 people who fled Afghanistan before the Taliban takeover have been trapped for 12 days in an area between Poland and Belarus
    A Polish refugee rights group said Friday that 32 people who fled Afghanistan before the Taliban takeover have been trapped for 12 days in an area between Poland and Belarus, caught in a standoff between the two neighbors.

    The group, Fundacja Ocalenie, called on Polish authorities to allow the people to apply for refugee status in Poland, saying they have the right to do so. Polish authorities are refusing to let them in, and Belarusian border guards will not let them return.
    “In accordance with the law … each of these people should be allowed to submit an application for protection,” Piotr Bystrianin, the president of the group’s management board, said in a statement.

    Poland and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia accuse Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of sending migrants across their borders with his country in what they have called an act of “hybrid war.” Their borders also form part of the European Union’s external border, and the countries believe Lukashenko is acting in revenge for sanctions the EU imposed over his disputed reelection and crackdown on dissent.

    A deputy foreign minister in Poland, Pawel Jablonski, said the group is still on the Belarus side of the border strip, where “they have been brought by the organizers of this procedure in Belarus.” He added that Belarus has “full responsibility for this situation.” which, he said, is aimed at “destabilizing the situation inside the European Union.”

    “It is the responsibility of the Polish government to protect the national border, which is also the EU border,” Jablonski said.

    Most of the recent migrants traveling from Belarus are believed to be originally from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Poland has deployed hundreds of soldiers to the border and is reinforcing it with barbed wire. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Thursday that he sympathized with the migrants, but said they were “a tool in the hands of Mr. Lukashenko” and Poland would not succumb to “this type of blackmail.”

    Fundacja Ocalenie said it arrived where the migrants were stuck, near the village of Usnarz Górny, on Wednesday to bring them food, tents, sleeping bags and power banks. They were not given access at first but were successful on Thursday.

    Foundation member Tahmina Rajabova reported speaking to the migrants and learning that they are 32 people from Afghanistan who all want to apply for refugee status in Poland. They included a 15-year-old girl and some people in poor health.

    A few days earlier, about a dozen people from Iraq — women and small children — were stranded with them, but Belarusian authorities allowed them back into Belarus, Rajabova said.

    “It is an inhumane and scandalous situation that Poland, together with Belarus, condemns these people to imprisonment on the border, in conditions that offend human dignity and are life-threatening,” said Maciej Konieczny, a left-wing Polish lawmaker who joined the humanitarian workers at the border.

    Lawyers with the foundation plan to submit applications for protection on behalf of the migrants, the group said.

  18. Five police officers attacked, two badly injured during traffic stop in Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium. Perp is the usual kind of suspect, police unions protest.
    Comes with video (original from Facebook, this version has faces blurred):

    Video without blurring, but with Dumpert watermark. Note the seizure at 0m33

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