Western U Ethic prof teaches us all a lesson in ethics: Links 1, September 8, 2021

1. Bill Gates briefing to the CIA. Seems to be dated March 13, 2005. “How a virus could turn a fanatic into a normal person” using “respiratory viruses such as Flu or (bina?) viruses”.

(If that’s what they tried, I guess it doesn’t work at altitude)

The resolution on the video is suspiciously too low to check his mouth and see if it matches what is being said. So here is a sample of Gates in 2005 speaking where we can be certain it is him. I would say the jury is out. The top video could be dubbed over with a fake Gates voice or not.

2. Israeli Ivermectin tests: Ivermectin Vs. Placebo, double blind etc.

3. An interesting stat that tells us a lot about how damage due to “Global Warming” is determined.

4. Canadian Ethics prof on coercing people into medical procedures.

5. Some domestic consumption Chinese anti-Western propaganda.

In order to understand your relationship with an enemy culture or nation, its important to read their propaganda which is written for you, knowing its written for you, but also to read the propaganda they write for domestic consumption. Using this simple tool, Stephen Coughlin was able to predict the entire set of events referred to by the popular press as, “The Arab Spring” years before it took place. The video above should be viewed in this manner.

Another bit of news. Rebel media WON its law suit against the Trudeau regime. Trudeau for the second time attempted to block Rebel Media from the debates leading up to this federal election. It is no accident that Rebel is nearly the only news agency with a large audience who did not take, nor were they offered, huge amounts of government money. We at least know that some courts are still operating on democratic methods and ideology. Congratulations to The Rebel on the win. Recommend watching the debates tonight at 7:30 ET here at this link.

Thank you all, many of whom have put considerable effort into posting links and thoughts into the Reader’s Links post over the past couple of days.

Meanwhile, the Gold Standard of Australian gulags

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  1. 1.

    “But the presenter in this footage is not Gates. Furthermore, this is not a genuine presentation to the CIA in 2005. This is a hoax video that was likely created for an uncompleted film project from director Ryan Harper called “FunVax.”

    This video has been circulating since 2011 under the assumption that it showed an authentic CIA briefing. Since then, a number of outlets examined and debunked this claim. Metabunk, for instance, noted that the brain scans displayed around the 45-second mark of the video are presented as if they show a “religious brain” and a “non-religious brain” from “two different individuals.” These scans, however, were actually taken from a 2010 study about a 43-year-old woman with a history of methamphetamine abuse. The filmmaker simply took the original scan, added some red and yellow coloring, and then claimed it showed the brain scan of a religious person.”

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