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4 Replies to “Qantas Pilot Speaks Out About Vaccine Mandate”

  1. Big Pharma and big government are hell-bent on destroying your natural immune system so that you will be forever in need of their boosters and their vaccines and their boosters wake up world

  2. I’ve been angry with Qantas for a long time. Mainly their support for gay marriage and denigration of the Rugby player Israel Folau.

    The CEO of Qantas is a gay Irishman who has not only ruined Qantas but also turned Rugby Australia into a bunch of pansies.

    The SJW’s have made it into Australian board rooms.

  3. The people that buy into this garbage are all delusional and will reap the whirlwind created by their own stupidity. When it comes, it is going to come so hard that none of the morons will be left standing. I will consider that a refreshing new “view” of the human landscape. Those of us with clear vision see the intentional destruction of society being perpetrated on us by authoritarians. Who they are and where they have come from is anybody’s guess. They just are not human because their actions are destroying humanity and they know it! It’s too bad that humanity is stupid and has collectively abdicated its ability to critically think. I’m 72. They can’t hurt me but I weep for my grandson.

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