Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk for September 7, 2021

Tucker’s stand in does a deeper dive into a number of issues that the media or deep state has been covering up or flat out lying about, (cough cough Anthony Fauci) from gain of function and Americans trapped in Afghanistan, to the curious rules of Covid and how it doesn’t affect protests or Democrat parties and fund raisers.

Here is a link to yesterday’s Charlie Kirk show which deals with Ivermectin and Joe Rogan’s threat to the narrative. Was quite well done.

Both shows deal with the Rolling Stone lie about Ivermectin. This is a big story in a number of ways. It is majorly revealing about the lie of the whole Covid narrative and the efforts used to force the public to see only one solution to a highly exaggerated problem, and that is an experimental, never before used on humans, technology which works at the genetic level.

THAT is called safe and effective, while Nobel prize winning medications which are proven safe and possibly effective are made illegal to the point that doctors and pharmacists are punished greatly if they provide it in many cases.

Thank you MarcusZ1967 and EB.

Updating with news on Fauci lies:

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