Eric Zemmour lays it all out on the planned population replacement of France, and by extension, Europe

Please read the details at RAIR

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  1. CDC VARES report up to August 27,2021
    ONLY 650,077 adverse reactions. – – including 12 to 17 years old 18,532

    Under reported deaths ONLY 13,911 including 12-17 heal olds – myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots……

    Serious injuries ONLY 85,971

    And still the politicians are pushing the vaccines – madness, murder

  2. A hard one,regardless.Demographics has a life of it’s own.A society decides on it’s collective own whether to have one,two,six,or ten children per family.Family size tends to go down as standards of living rise.Many western countries,eg, Canada, have declining birthrates.If not for immigrants,Nova Scotia faces a declining population,tax base,etc.
    France can look to it’s own colonization of Algeria,etc,for Arab,and African,refugees,immigrants,just as America can look to it’s history of slavery for its racial divide.
    Whether the liberal West has a (moral) duty to accept refugees,and to what extent,and at what cost,is an ongoing conversation.Most Muslims and Africans,adapt and adjust well as immigrants,and will make good,productive citizens.And,yes,our countries will be wise to look at certain gender,and age groups,really,young men,from certain regions and countries,where crime and ideology are problematic,when considering immigrants,and refugees.Some communities must take responsibility for their sons,nephews,etc.,when it comes to behaviours,gangs,ideology. Maybe the much talked about raced-based statistics will be useful here.Just sayin’.

  3. For Canadians…

    I remember being about eight years old and seeing a young up-and-coming law student named “Tom Berger” sitting in our kitchen having a coffee and he said, “I dream that one day the entire world will be coffee-colored and then there will be no more racial prejudice or inequality and things will be great.” And I remember a round of approval going through the left-wing listeners.

    There is nothing that leftists hate more than heterosexual, Christian, Western-European-ancestry white men and they’ve wanted to commit genocide on them since forever. And think about it. What’s the only ethnic group you can openly speak hatefully about without being lynched on the old tree of political correctness…? Leftists think whiteness is a disease…

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