Australian MP explains agenda 21

Well doesn’t this explain a lot.

“Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective”.

Start at 2:37. Ann Bressington bravely exposes UN Agenda 21, that is now UN Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 was adopted by our Canadian Federal Government in Sept. 2015 during the Stephen Harper, Conservative Party of Canada reign. Have they told you about this, or how it will affect your life and community? This is a must see video for All Canadians, esp. those affected by new park creations, and sectioning off large tracts of land for wildlife management. The People’s Party of Canada is the only mainstream party that will stop these UN plans. The UN however plays a multi-level game of bringing their agenda’s also on the provincial and municipal levels. Regardless, the PPC will deal with these issues where we can. The Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and Greens are Very pro UN and will continue these UN initiatives. PPC 2019 to SAVE Canada.
Ron Vaillant Conservative Government Adopts Agenda 2030:
Understanding Agenda 21 and 2030.
People’s Party of Canada – PPC:
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Ron Vaillant Twitter:

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  1. What if esteemed doctors such as Dr. Hodkinson in Canada, who points out that the spike protein concentrates in the testes, are right in their worry that it possibly renders males sterile? Just what if? Conspiracy theory or valid question for on-going scientific discovery? This is a question a real scientist asks who does not accept closed science. (Integrity injections on a massive scale would serve us now.) Did the engineers of Covid-19 weaponize spike proteins? If not they were extraordinarily sloppy, if yes they are criminal.

    Sadly, only money or courage grant the skeptics the grace of time to hold out, and to find out.

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