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11 Replies to “More nurses refuse shot, explains themselves. From hero to ignorant and responsible for spreading…”

  1. Nurses don’t have particularly high compliance rates when it comes to getting their Influenza shots,either,so it should not be surprising that the same may apply to,say,Covid-19 immunization.In either case,it is disappointing.It is what it is.No need to make a federal case out of it,or to use it to justify some anti-vaccer,anti-liberal agenda.Just sayin’.

    • And Just sayin, turns out the Flu shot does nothing. The only good thing about it is, it isn’t very dangerous. But it has no effect on flu. This though, is pretty dangerous. So ya know. Just sayin…

      • It is a federal case, actually, when unprecedented coercion by the fed is attempting to impose experimental drugs on a highly-informed demographic. Such resistance would be very newsworthy to autonomous, not-bribed msm if such existed.

      • Reference please, Vlad.

        “2019–2020 Estimates
        CDC estimates that during the 2019–2020 season 38 million people were ill, 18 million people went to a health care provider, 400,000 were hospitalized, and 22,000 died with influenza (7). The season was characterized by two consecutive waves of activity, beginning with influenza B viruses and followed by A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses.”.

        “Influenza vaccination prevented an estimated 7.52 million illnesses, 3.69 million medical visits, 105,000 hospitalizations, and 6,300 deaths due to influenza during the 2019-2020 season.”

        • It was the CDC I think that recently admitted the Flu Vaxx doesn’t do anything. But Andrew Bostom did a segment or two on it and we posted his source here at the time.

          If you like I can ask him for the reference again. I wouldn’t have posted a claim that big without having seen it. But I don’t remember off hand where it was from beyond Andrew Bostom explaining that it was recently determined to be useless.

          He was embarrassed he said, as he had told patients for years to get the flu shot till he actually looked into it recently only to find its only redeeming feature is it isn’t dangerous.

  2. The White House – Joe Discusses Vaccine Hesitancy

    ( 2 min 18 )

    Last month, the FDA gave full and final approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

    Watch Joe and Stephanie, a nurse, talk about her decision to get vaccinated – and find a vaccine near you at vaccines.gov.

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