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3 Replies to “Another Australian Senator speaks out against the “Covid Apocalypse””

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-yorkers-disappointed-hochuls-nursing-home-tragedy

    Yay…! I’ve been hoping this doesn’t get buried under the pointless sexual harassment charges that Cuomo is hiding behind. I very much want to see Governor Cuomo, along with Dr. Fauci, communicating with each other in their solitary cells by tapping Morse code messages on the drainpipe. Then I want to see them get caught, charged with unauthorized communicating, and lose their canteen privileges for six months. No Ramen for you…! Nothing but dry unsalted punishment loaf for the next six months and ten squares of toilet paper to write their memoirs on…

    I was afraid the DOJ was going to copy the Ashlee Babbit case and simply declare it over in a secret courtroom never to be mentioned again. Presto!

    • Perfectly stated.
      The image of Cuomo and Fauci tapping morse code messages on the drain pipe of their solitary cells makes me hopeful for earthly justice being meted out for these sociopath/murderers.

      A lack of empathy for others
      Little to no genuine remorse
      The manipulation of other people
      Lying and deceit
      A sense of superiority over others
      Little to no regard for right or wrong
      The belief that rules do not apply to them
      Getting into legal trouble or a little regard for the law
      A lack of responsibility or engaging in irresponsible behaviors
      Aggression or hostility
      The exploitation of other people
      Substance use


      • And what do you bet the both of them have $20,000,000 houses in the Hamptons, a townhouse in Manhattan, and another hundred million in walking around money…

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